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I spent lots of time today chopping some recordings up from last night.
It turned out pretty good as I was able to get lots of fresh stuff from NBC6 including – breaking news, developing story, traffic & weather, decision 2004, decision 2004 promo with Brian Williams Tony Segretto and Jackie Nespral, morning open and others. In all 23 new clips to be posted, give or take a couple of repeats here and there plus a couple of antics from that stud muffin-lame-joker Lonnie Quinn. Why does he keep looking at the ceiling for traffic reporter Karen Curtis? Have they ran out of space over there and put her in the attic? And please someone tell him, the builders aren’t “building dirt”.
Then there’s WFOR and the 40 brand spanking new vids, take a few away for repeating that are sittin, chillin, getting ripe and ready for upload.
The only one left is WPLG and I’ll get to them eventually.
The updates will begin asap and will most likely be one station at a time as I have other things to do that actually pay me money believe it or not.

If any of you read this, and I know you do k? so don’t just sit there and pretend you don’t I have evidence, be so nice please and send me a good shot of the newsroom, preferably larger size, something like 800 pixels long, just no flashing or any stuff like these as I plan to use it publically unless you want to be the talk of the town. Click here to contact me


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