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Tom Johnston fired from 7!


Just had one of the insiders email me this:

7 News Meteorologist Tom Johnston was fired late yesterday following a physical fight with fellow weatherman Jonathan Novack in the weather office, according to some very close sources. Apparently the two went at it over vacation days and Tom grabbed Jonathan by the neck. Tom was fired, his bio removed from the website last night. Jonathan is the new weekend weathercaster. He was not seriously hurt.

Thanks for the tip!

Update: 7 is not promoting Jonathan Novak to weekends, he’ll just be filling in while they look for a permanent replacement

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  1. I think this is a bit extreme. Granted, I’ve never worked in a professional environment before, so I wouldn’t know how companies would handle this, but I think at most he should’ve probably been suspended or something. Firing is something they should reserve to potential sexual predators…::cough::cough::

  2. well i just checked ‘svn website and his bio is gone. I do agree it was stupid for him to be fire. But You know he works in a place where they need adults and the adults have to be able to Trust each other esp. in the Meteorologoy depart because they have to work off each other. Tom Johnson was at fault and if they fired him im sure this has been a long time coming this just put icing on the cake

  3. right, if they were just updating, they would not remove a link, they would simply edit the page and replace the server copy. a comment like that should get you fired. 😉

  4. Amazing, every member of the WSVN weather team from a year ago this time is now gone (not sure if Kate Wentzel had already left by this time last year, but I know Jackie was still around, as well as Kamal).

    • Also Kelsy Fabian why did she quit so fast? She was a huge part of the morning news. Am praying she is safe,,

  5. Tragic. I will miss Tom. I liked that little guy. Firing him is extreme which makes me think it was indeed in the making. I prefer Tom over the chipmunk Novak. I wonder who Novak is sleeping with. Damn. Sorry Tom. I cant believe it after all the hard work he put in post-Kamal. Real kick in the face. Novak shouldnt settle for the days Tom didnt want. Tom is hire ranked. LIke i said, who the hell is Novak sleeping with?

  6. He’s fired. F-I-R-E-D. Getting into a physical conflict with another staff member, is unprofessional and is grounds for dismissal regardless of whether or not a person has previous offenses. No matter what the circumstances, if you can’t tell you’re getting hot around the collar and walk away, then you have a problem. It is embarassing for the station, and for Tom. He’ll find a new job somewhere, but he’ll probably have to wait for things to cool down first. And to whoever said Jonathan should have to settle for whatever days Tom didn’t want has totally lost their mind. Do you submit to your older co-workers for vacation days just because they are older? Somehow I doubt that.

  7. Working in the Media is different than a normal job genius. So ya with what they do The Person who has been there the longest should have first pick after the Cheif.

  8. Okay Michael (a.k.a. genius), I do work in the Media, and on the air, and that is a crock of shit. And by the way, to me, working in the media is a “normal job” because it’s normal to me. So please, lose your overinflated ego.

  9. First off Buddy Im not on a high horse and i am suppose to beleive you that you work in the media. UH HUH sure. And im going to be the next president of The United States. And if you do “work” on air in the media i bet it does seem like a normal job but to the rest of us its not a normal job.

  10. folks that don’t work in the media it might appear that what we do is glamous and not normal. To those of us that what in front and behind the camera..it’s just a job.

    Anyway moving along….I work in front of the camera on a South Florida station and if I decided to choke or strike another employee I would expect to be fired. It’s unacceptable behavior in the workplace…hell even on the playground.

    BTW: This crap about the chief getting first pick on days off is B.S.

  11. And since I brought it up I will defend my stance. As it is in any organization, the higher ranks have priority. That is one of the things that separate the ranks, priority. Do you think Novak would be in his right mind to challenge Phil Ferro about vacation days? Novak is weekend MORNING weather READER. Last in line with the ranks and should likewise be last in this matter. I will also mention again the tremendous workTOm did after they fired Kamal and even during the time Kamal was there. His action shouldnt go unpunished but firing him is way too drastic. I did not say Noval should submit to older employees but he should submit to higher ranks. That why we have organizational structure. Adam William does not have as much say as do Craig Stevens for example. Its a normal job yes but more glamorous than what a lot of us do. And in normal jobs we are expected to observe ranks. To show they are not in the same league too, Novak wasnt named Weekend evening meteorologist because he isnt a meteorologist. He is a reporter. Wow! WSVN really messed up especially in the weather season. How can you call yourself ‘The Storm Station” but leave yourself with only one and a half meteorologist? Elita herself is not fully one, so she is half and Novak is a reporter. And if that ANONYMOUS person really work in the media, maybe its Novak making the post. And if it is not Novak then he/she is a damn liar. I am working on my degree now and hopefully will get a job in the media infront of the camera. When that happens, i have to understand that I cant command the same salary immediately and being a junior or a sophomore doesnt qualify me to be fight with other people ranked higher. The is just the way the world operates.

  12. If there was a scheduling conflict between the two that conflict should have been resolved with someone higher up in management.. This johnson guy should have realized that going into this business and now he has to pay the consequences for his actions.. Certain behavor shouldn’t be tolerated at the work place and that is one of them.. When you physically attack someone you should be fired and with a kick in the ass (doesn’t matter is this Novak was only there for a day).. Just like it’s not acceptable for those terrorist to crash those planes into those buildings.. Let’s face it, no one wants to work with a bully and from what I hear that was pretty much what he was.. While there may be some form a ranking in work places it’s not the military.. If you clearly feel you shouldn’t have you “submitt” to a “higher rank” then that’s what their supervisors are for…

  13. You can babble on all you want, you are still typing the same nothingness. All that was address in my rather long post. Too extreme and unwise decison. Think about it, what do you think would have been the out if Ferro attacked Novak? Like I said. I think there is more to it than the hands around the neck incident.

  14. I don’t work in the media. I do not have any interest in working in the media.

    At most jobs, it is grounds for termination for physically attacking a co-worker. That is a fact.

    Yes, Tom did a good job during the transition but that does not make it okay to break the rules. Tom and John are adults. Adults do not solve problems via fist fights (I could be wrong).

  15. you kids still squabbling over this?:)

    There was more than just grabbing from what I’ve been able to gather. The whole incident allegedly included fists too.

    The thing is WSVN is not only in its right to fire whoever started the fight, it is also in their best interest to do it because if they didn’t they could get sued for supporting a hostile work environment where an employee was phisically abused.

    As for seniority and schedules, if they can’t agree on who’s getting time off, that’s why there are news directors and managers to sort things out.

  16. Hey WSVNer,

    I’m awfully glad you are pursuing your dream and working towards a broadcast (i assume??) degree. However, before you enter the business please learn that you will and should be fired for any physical attack on a co-worker. And while I would never typically say this so blatantly, after several posts I feel compelled to do so now. Please learn how to spell. You misspell words on this site all the time. Just because it’s television, doesn’t mean that is is not every bit as important.

    Best of luck,

    “Anonymous” — in case you’re wondering, I’m “anonymous” because I’d risk breaking my contract if I did not remain so. And no, I am NOT Jonathan Novack.

  17. I’m not going to use this forum to insult anyone but I have to agree with “Anonymous” about one user;

    WSVNer, I also commend you for pursuing your dream and one day working in this industry but, there are a few things you need to understand. You are stating things as FACT and well – they aren’t. Your entire thread about why Jonathan didn’t receive a promotion is nothing more than speculation and theory. That is your opinion!!!

    Secondly, we aren’t dogs in a pack and we don’t “submit” to others. The news director generally makes the final decision on who will be off during a period of time. We don’t put on boxing gloves and “duke” it out to determine who get’s to take the best days. Doesn’t matter if you are a reporter or anchor….the news director approves time off request.

    If Phil Ferro would of attacked Jonathan I would expect him to be fired as well. Television is a business and the primary goal is for our stations to make money, we have policies in place just like IBM or General Motors. Employee’s CANNOT fight or beat up on each other. PERIOD!!!

    As for the “glamour” you feel is associated with working in television there are also a lot of drawbacks. Once you become known or have your face plastered on a promo you aren’t just another person living life; you become that guy or girl from channel whatever. What you do and who you do it with could become the talk of the town. If you aren’t on your best behavior ALL the time…you could find yourself out of a job. 🙂

    I apologize for any spelling errors etc. I’m writing this between packages and during breaks.

    BTW: I’m not Jonathan Novack either.

  18. Anonymous,
    1. You now felt the need to make personal attacks because you’re reasoning cant hold water
    2. If and when you try to correct someone, i dont know if you’re familiar with the Bible, but it says pull the plank out of your own eyes then you shall see clearly to tell you brother to do the same. I cant point out all your potential mistakes because there are several anonymous poster but I am sure ‘SUBMITT’ for ‘Submit’ was yours.
    3. Don’t know if your familiar with the England based O’Level Examination, I am from the Caribbean, I have a grade ‘A’. One of the most difficult English exam in the world.
    4. This is my last exchange with you on the matter.

    -And since it is gang up on WSVNer Day,

    Wow, I dont condone Tom’s action but I do have a problem with the extreme to which the station went and the unwise decision they made.

  19. My my my…

    this guy/gal still does not get it.

    If you beat the hell out of someone in public, you can be sent to jail for a night or two and have a permanent record.

    If you beat the hell out of someone at work, you can and will most likely be fired. Period.

  20. Agreed – you should never get physical in the workplace, unless of course it’s self-defense. Look, they’re 2 grown men, right? If they had such a problem, they could have agreed to meet outside of work, so as not to ruin their careers. But it seems Johnston had a complete meltdown, which is very unfortunate for him, being that there were witnesses and now it’s all over this board. What are his chances of ever landing a good weather job again? Probably not so great, huh? He may have just destroyed his career.

  21. destroyed his career? no way. he just propelled himself to the top.. remember kelly cobiella?

    get into trouble in miami .. and next thing you know, you’re a network star!

  22. If Rick Sanchez could go to a cable network Tom can Just remember The Weather Channel is still there, although I am not sure if anyone watches it anymore. and it was just a scuffle, people get into fights, i do agree with him being fired because it is a liability to wsvn to have him there, but another station will grab him.

  23. I remember Kelly Cobiella (sp?), but I don’t know the story on her as all4one brought up. Can someone elaborate?

  24. Regardless of rank, if you get in a physical confrontation with another coworker you should be FIRED! That is how it works in the real world (i.e. everyone except pro-athletes and celebrities).

    On the topic of physical violence against coworkers…I’m glad that bastard didn’t touch Elita…but if she ever needs a spanking call me 😀

  25. Ladies and Gents.

    Workplace violence cannot EVER be condoned. If a person chooses to strike another, then that person pays whatever consequences there might be. I hope that legal avenues are being investigated as well.

    I like Johnson’s reports. I thought he was a good met. However, he deserves whatever happens due to his bad judgement and lack of professionalism and lack of control.

  26. I just saw 7 run their “Hurricane Map and Guide” promo, and when they showed the cover of it, Tom wasn’t on it. Wow…they really work fast.

  27. When it comes down to it, these young guys don’t explain things well. I don’t really trust them. Most people would agree that they all pretty much say the same thing. The only exception was Kamal; he really knew his stuff and explained it well. It’s too bad he screwed it all up. He was a very good Meteorologist. Bottom line: if there’s a hurricane off the coast, and you really want to know what’s going on, you have to search the dial to find the most knowledgable and trustworthy face. I always try to find someone who can explain it well. It’s usually the older guys who I place more trust in.

  28. Gman, you need to watch more weather….of course we all have the right to prefer one over the other but there are a few good ones out there. Tom Johnston was one of them who actually explained the terms of meteorology in layman’s terms and made a fun and interesting presentation. He was great! Kamal was good too but I didn’t like watching him as much – he had an unecessary arrogance about himself.

  29. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Johnston? Is he still in the Miami area, did he relocate, is he suing, is Novack pressing charges? What’s the deal here? I’d really like to know since I’ve been following Johnston’s career for quite some time now. If anyone can help out, I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

  30. Have only just caught up with this news as visitor from UK who always watches 7 when here, so sorry if its old news to you all.

    I am really sad to hear that Tom is gone as thought he did a great job filling in after Bill went. His weather reports were certainly informative and made more sense then some of the other reporters.

    Once even sent email to 7 to congratulate Tom on his coverage.

    Does any one have any news on what he is doing now?

    7 weather is not the same

  31. Tom is good–no, great–at what he does. He is talented and has network potential. However, he is also an selfish asshole…and if he wants to truly succeed in broadcasting, he needs to act his age. Hopefully, he will learn a lesson from this and be picked up by another market. Does anyone know where he is?

  32. I would also like to know where Tom went. I have given up on 7 weather since Phil Ferret came, as well as “that other one” from the “fight.” Obviously we do not know the details of the incident, but it owuld seem someone in management should have had a clue and tried to diffuse the sitation prior to workplace viloence, which usually is the responsibility of two parties, not just the one who was fired!

  33. I knew Tom when he was in Macon, Georgia at 13WMAZ Television. In my opinion he is an asshole and got what he deserved. To quote the Channel 13 promotional phrase…that’s “STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART.” It’s about time he grew up!

  34. hey whats with the miami market? U have the Kamal thing.. sanchez a few yrs back.. sugalskia and the intern…this cobiella chick.. now a fistffight in the newsroom/ why did they fite? lovers quarrel or truly over vaca days?

  35. hey anonymous, i’m new to the area and saw this fellow before the raucus that cost him his job….dumb bastard…what’s the 411 on the other miami market ‘highlights’?…..i love elita loresca…….

  36. Jimi – when you say you “saw” Johnston before he lost his job, did you mean you were dating him, or did you mean you just saw him on TV somewhere?

  37. That idiot is working at an all nite truck stop diner serving up weather notices to truckers on rte 66 of all places. Poor sob, if only Novack wasn’t such a panzy cry baby, and that Tom would not explode over a little vaykay time dispute, he’d still be here and bangin’ Natalie Solis. What a numbnuts.

  38. apparantly Tom denied the whole thing. i just found this on the herald’s website, posted on 7/24:
    Gone from WSVN-Fox 7’s weather lineup: meteorologist Tom Johnston.

    Johnston, 34, the weekend evening weather anchor, got into a spat over schedules with Jonathan Novack, 26, the weekend morning weather anchor. TV insiders say it turned physical, but Johnston insists the incident was ”blown way out of proportion.” Some pointing and pushing, he says, but ”no choking, no grabbing of the neck, and no punching. None of that.” But, he says, “Wish that it never occurred.”

    Johnston says he’d been trying to leave WSVN, and had asked to be released from his contract, which expires next summer. He got passed over for the chief meteorologist job, which came open when Bill Kamal got arrested and sent to prison in an online-sex sting. The station hired WSCV-Telemundo 51’s Felipe ”Phil” Ferro in March. ”Needless to say, I was disappointed,” Johnston says.

    He’s off the air, and still seeking an early out from the contract — “to resign so that I might move on with my life.”

  39. DJB when you post quotes from other sites please either include a part of it with a link, or post a link along with the quote for proper credit

  40. I have not seen anything in the newspaper for sometime about him. I find it hard to beleive that he wanted out of his contract and the station blew this out of proportion. He seems to big for his own good. Looks like he has no one else to blame then himself. Maybe time away will help him grow up and make him realize that there are several people doing the same thing he does and not everyone can be the cheif. He has some growing up to do and I hope this does not ruin is career. Hope his wife has a job to support him.

  41. Re the Kelly COiella thing….SHe was out with some folks one night and got really ripped…SHe got a ride home, I am not sure but I think from Craig Stevens from SVN,when she realized she left her car at the restaurant…She took a taxi back to the restaurant and on while driving home she got stopped and arrested for DUI…She was evidently hysterical and alleged pled for mercy with the cop…She was taken into the station and booked…She had to call Glenda Milbourn to bail her out…The next day she was history at history at Channel 10…ALl in all, it worked out pretty well for her…She worked as a stringer for CBSNews and now I believe she has a full time gig there

  42. I know Tom from school and he’s a real good guy. He doesnt take any crap, but he’s not one to start shit either. If he did it then the guy probably left him no choice. Nice going Tom if its true. F’ the other guy. Cryass.

  43. His talent got him the job at Fox4. He’s better than anything Florida has to offer. The story from SVN was blown out of proportion. Both Novak and TJ have the same agent. TJ was at the end of his contract and expressed an interest to leave so we let him out of the rest of his contract. Good for TJ, hope it leads to bigger and better things(top 10 market)

  44. After watching the Bachelorette and B-Pad…wow, I think I want to get in line to beat up this Novak. He is a total tool!!!
    Anyone going to defend his now? haa, haa…..

  45. Tom Johnston has left the station he was with (ActionNewsJax) in Jacksonville, Florida. He left April 17th, 2014.


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