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You can say buh bye to NBC6 as you know it


Starting in March, NBC6 will have a new executive producer by the name Jose Suarez. He comes from Toledo, Ohio where he was the News Director for Fox affiliate WUPW.

With him chances are the days of slow paced, calm NBC6 are probably over. If you thought WFOR looked and copied WSVN soon you probably won’t recognize WTVJ. His 3 year stint at WUPW has been an interesting one to say the least. As the station’s News Director he made the station devote two and a half hours of commercial free “breaking news” coverage of a puppy trapped in a six inch diameter pipe. Insiders tell me that Suarez is known to be a very aggressive and very sensational guy so it won’t be huge stretch saying look for a 7-ized NBC6 very soon.

Thanks to one of my regular insiders for the heads up on this news

Toledo Blade
Suarez brought creativity and innovation to Channel 36


  1. p.s. cbs4 is trying to copy 7, but you can’t beat the nightteam (hope they have that tradmarket for the markrt), i cant imagine the nbc6 nightteam

  2. To that I say thank goodness, they really need to shake up thing over there, so damn boring. I hope the forst move would be to move Jackie Nespral and Tony Segretto. Nespral just scream at me with an almost squeaky voice (she is beautiful though) and Segretto-i wont go there. I love Julia Yarbough but she will need a little more spunk but she does a better job Nespral. Michael Williams is ok. I dont like that sports guy they have either, I prefer that John Henry (cute). 7 tops them all though but can we please get back Laurie Jennings in the house. By now you all should know that Jennings is my absolute favourite. Best in South Florida.

  3. Speaking of Channel 7…what is going on with the “remodeled” newplex? I thought they were going to debut it during the February sweeps, but apparently not since today is the 28th.

    Any news on when that change will take place?

  4. The first order of Business at NBC6 is getting rid of the General Manager..Ardy Diercks..This woman doesnt have a damn clue..!! Segreto and Nespral need to go..If they can woo Micah Ohlman back for ABC7 in Los Angeles that would be a good idea..I would love to see more of Kelly Craig..John Guaraldi need to be the new chief met..I for one really miss Jennifer Valoppi

  5. I’m probably the only one who likes NBC6 the way it is. I like them, they make me feel comfortable. I just can’t stand SVN!! Though if the new guy gives Ms Kosinski and Ms Czarniak more airtime (perhaps have them both investigate mud wrestling tournaments ;)), then maybe…..maybe…..:D

  6. I want to like WTVJ because I think their set allows so much flexibility but the chemistry just isnt there. Jose Diaz-Balart has more personality (even thought I dont want to see him as lead anchor

  7. NBC6 is the pits. Segretto drags Nespral down, who cares if she is cute, I want someone I can believe and trust like Valopi, Kruger, Jennings, Michael Williams and Dwight. Diaz Balart is also good and sophmoric for the 5pm/530pm shows. Speaking of poor is Joe Rose and his sidekick Czarniak who looks like a mop turned upside down. She is in desperate need of a hair dresser. SOmeone said that Kelly Craig should be doing the news and I agree. She has brains, a nice smile and delivers the news extremely well. Ms. Dierks has no idea of what she is doing. She and Segretto should relocate to Anchorage Alaska. How about if we make a new dream team???

  8. I really like Kelley Mitchell, formerly of WSVN in their “hey days”…I also really like Maggie Rodriguez..Kelly Craig need more visability at the lame duck station WTVJ….WSVN 7 doesn’t do it for me like they used to..they hire all this cheap new talent from small markets and it shows..the loss of Mark Londner, Brian Andrews, Delaine Matthew,Jackie Johnson,Kate Wentzel, Andre Hepkins, Beatriz Canals, Laurie Jennings, Charles Perez,…all in one years time people…says something about mgmt there..I for one Love WFOR, News 4…they are…..SOUTH FLORIDA’S NEWS STATION!!!

  9. I for one think that NBC 6, when they moved to broward, was great. But now they are starting to fall a little. And now that they have this new executive producer, I guess you could start watching seven news again if you want to hear about the slightest problem look like a major problem to them. But I love Laurie jennings on Local 10, but she’s too good to be in Local Evening News, she should be on MSNBC again. I don’t like Rick Sanchez, he should not even be on CNN Live Today. But since NBC 6 is fixing up there web site and “cleaning house” what should happen is Kelley Craig and Arie Odzner (I think I spelled his name wrong) should be lead anchors. Then one of the hottest wemen in news, martha Sugalski and Julia Yarbough should be the 5:30 news team. I hate seeing the same faces for a full hour. Sorry but fire wanna be sports fan Tony Segreto please! Put Jackie Nespral on weekends in the morning. Make Tina(I think thats her first name) Robinson and Pam Giganti Morning anchors, sorry bob mayor you would be good on weekends. Lonnie Quin, the best person that has ever given the weather, should be on the weather channel because he is toooo good for local weather. Oh yeah, Ch 10 need a make over badly. Laurie Jennings again should be on something like the Today Show and Ch.7, need help, because I don’t know who these new talent are but They need to go back to the small markets where there came from. Make sure you keep me updated on Ch 6 “cleaning house”

  10. Everybody here is going nuts! Jackie Nespral, besides being super cute, is very much a professional, and does a great job. Tony Segreto has been doing this job for 30 years or so, and gives a sense of stability to the news. I for one watch NBC 6 news over the other stations. If you want tabloid news, go then yes, go to channel 7, but if you want real, honest news, stay with NBC


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