ABC will stream primetime shows online

ABC will stream primetime shows online


Ground breaking announcement from ABC today. They will be streaming their primetime programming on the web completely free, with just three one minute commercial breaks. The kicker is the episodes will be archived so eventually the whole season will be available on the web and viewers will choose which sponsor’s ads they want to see during ad breaks!

And affiliates? Well they’ll just have to fend for themselves because so far it looks like they will get no piece of the action. Obviously it won’t hit the local affiliates immediately, but eventually and if they’re not ready I believe we’ll see some major hurting. Especially considering less people are watching local news.

As Jeff Jarvis says in his post about the ABC announcement – “TV has finally exploded”. Boom indeed!

/via LostRemote/ – Jeff Jarvis: Exploding TV: KA-BLOOM