1. I can’t thank you enough for hooking me up with Joost. I would note here that I did ask in accordance with your simple directions. I wonder why so many didn’t read the instructions and follow suit, and perhaps that bespeaks the quality of local newscasting. A cheap shot, thank you. So, in deference to admin, allow me to contribute this nugget. Channel 6 finally hired a third sportscaster, bringing Andrea Brody back from DC after the George Michael Sports Machine ended its 24-year run (sob). Andrea rocks, and hopefully soon 6 will wake up and get rid of Kuperstein and Rose, two knuckledragging sexist twits if there ever were. Any chance of bringing back Lindsay Czarniak too?

  2. Back off. Kuperstein does a good job. For some reason the only two sportscasters you seem to favor are female.. hmmmm. I wonder why. You are sexist.

  3. Is it me or is that WSVN should get rid of the Tinkerbell of news anchors Belkys Neurotic. GIVE Tiffany Tucker the cushy job. We don’t need knuckleheads running the show.

  4. No jones. Kuperstein stinks, he’s an arrogant jock wannabe. Cefalo is polished and will be missed, Kim Bokamper works at getting better, but you have to go back to when |TVJ had Segreto, Hank Goldberg and Ned Smith to see a truly first-rate across the board sports presence. In spite of Cefalo’s consistent excellence, ex-Dolphin does not mean they belong in front of the camera, to-wit Joe Rose, Jim Mandich…I mentioned two women because one is coming back and one would be welcomed, but they have been working together in DC. You are just limited in your perspective.

  5. I agree with CCC that WTVJ hasn’t had a first-rate sports team since the Segreto/Smith/Goldberg days. I would say WFOR has the best sports team these days. Kim Bokamper has come a very long way since he first started.

  6. Belkys really does need to go back to her home planet. Lynn should’ve had that spot years ago.

    I’ve tried Joost (admin, thanks for the invite), but (a) I don’t have enough bandwidth, and (b) when it does come in the video quality is piss poor. I’ve had digital/HD TV for over a year now, and anything less is just substandard.

  7. Change of subject. Did anyone see any of the severe weather coverage on Sunday? I was in Orlando visiting family. Any thoughts on which station or met performed the best? Thanks for the insight.

  8. Y.M.

    The reason they don’t get rid of Belkys is because her father is something high up in WSVN. I think he is an Executive Producer or something like that. Thats why she could practically get away with murder and all of her little on-camera jokes, meanwhile if Craig does something like that, he’ll probobly get the boot. But Belkys’ little jokes are getting on my nerves. They really should give Tiffany the job. She would be great for it.

  9. I beg to differ huh. I know someone that works at 7, and told me that her father works as something big for WSVN or Sunbeam. Just not sure. But, it is one of the two.

  10. So, I was recently on YouTube, and I couldn’t help noticing Louis Aguirre on one of the caption titles. Watch this video.

  11. Did anyone notice that Jen herrera has been promoted to the new afternoon anchor? what the hell is up with that hello where is all the talent going !!!!!!!

  12. Jen has already been doing the morning news on a fill in basis.

    I have nothing against Jen (I’ve never met her, & I don’t claim to know her journalistic background), but it tells you everything you need to know about what it takes to become an anchor. Despite what I & people of my generation grew up with (I’m the wrong end of 50), anchors generally don’t write their own copy, & certainly don’t go out & research the stories. They merely read off of a teleprompter what someone else prepares. This is something that is not unique to Miami, or even local news in general. How many anchors on CNN or Fox News do you think actually draft their own copy?

    That doesn’t make the situation right. It means that as a news consumer you need to be careful not to assume that something is correct just because an anchor is saying so. That anchor may very well have gotten his/her job based on his/her looks, tone of voice or Q-rating, not because they have the foggiest idea what they are talking about.

    There, I’ve had my say. I know I feel better.

  13. I have to agree with miamitv. Come on.. the same girl who did workout segments in skimpy outfits is now supposed to be a credible noon newsanchor?

  14. Tv Newsguy I couldn’t agree with you more. She is a hardworker, looks good and a competent reader. But being a news anchor meant being a news leader in the newsroom, someone with street cred, that could hold their own when the teleprompter went down. Thank goodness WPLG has Laurie and Dwight in the evenings. Whether or not you like Kristi in the am, at least the lady can hold her own. I hear Kristi was sick of doing noon in addition to mornings. Hey that’s a great gig if you can get it! I miss Diane Magnum at noon.

  15. I agree they should have put Diane back to noon, she was a real anchor. jen herrera is just lucky and you know what that is not what news should be about, a young girl who is cute and can read. I just cant watch. Have we forgotten about the folger commercial she did a few years ago that is not a respectable anchor she is a puppet.

  16. laurie is pretty and all that, but street cred? when was she EVER on the streets here reporting?

    diane.. she has years of street cred
    glenna.. has tons of street cred

    diane ought to be with dwight…

  17. Laurie has worked in plenty other markets and even made it to MSNBC. Agree with what you say about Diane and Glena who are both wonderful. But frankly those days are over. Now you have little girls who have ONLY been in this market. Never got their feet wet anywhere else and it shows.

  18. Goiung back to the nyuk-nyuks on Channel 7. WGN brings out a better newsast! And that’s comming from Chicago!!!! Sanders, Payne, Skilling and Roam brings professionalism to journalism. Here we have yokels like Smithers and Tinkerbell bring us the news. I’d rather watch a Simpsons rerun, tyvm.

  19. OK, two new subjects…

    #1 – Just how pregnant in Neki Mohan?

    #2 – Isn’t is just adorable how all the male anchors on WPLG are color coordinating their ties with their co-anchors outfits?



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