1. From what I hear it’s WOIO/WUAB’s “19 Action News” as an Anchor/Reporter. The current female morning anchor is leaving very soon.

  2. I always thought she was a classy reporter. Came across smart, solid, and with a pleasant delivery. I hope she does well in her new endeavor, she deserves it.

    Break a leg

  3. littlenewslady, Robbin Simmons got in. Unless your referring to the morning news, then I have no idea, I’m too busy sleeping 😀 lol

    I actually had the privilege of meeting her on a live shot, she’s very nice, and I hope she does well wherever she may go!

  4. D’OH!!! I figured it was too good to be true, to have Tiffani, Luanne Sorrell AND Robbin Simmons at the same station. Oh well, best of luck to Tiffani.

  5. tiffany tucker should come back up here in the west palm beach market i heard that wpbf tv in west palm beach is looking for reporters. tiffany was a good wkend anchor when she was working up here in west palm beach,why miami news marked keep taking the news reporters from our marked they took tiffany tucker,carey codd,tiffany herberg,

  6. i was so sorry to hear that tiffany had left the news station she is a very beautiful and intelligent woman. Good luck to her where ever she go.


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