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Brian Norcross Leaves WFOR


Brian Norcross is leaving WFOR to focus on new business. WFOR VP/GM Shaun McDonald:

“Bryan Norcross informed us today that due to the demands that
accompany his role with his new company, he has decided not to renew
his contract with CBS4 when it expires at the end of this month,”

Norcross teamed with former Hurricane Center director Max Mayfield to create AEN, America’s Emergency Network, which was bought in March. Bryan Norcross was named president and CEO and Mayfield the senior executive vice president of government relations.

David Bernard will now lead WFOR’s weather team. Bryan Norcross was CBS4’s chief meteorologist from 1996 until the end of July 2006 when he stepped down but remained the hurricane specialist during hurricane coverage.

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  1. CHANNEL 4 is going down the drain!!!! everybody leaves, bryan, purdy, andrews, etc. even that yomary girl who was doing the web stuff. wow ch 4 is doing sooooooooo bad!!!!!

  2. that was such a cold goodbye from the anchors and bryan nordcross. Producers should have writen more about his career. I guess the new anchors dont really know bryan too much. and nordcross didnt even thank the south florida community.

  3. Another one from WFOR bites the dust, huh? It’s such a shame. How low will WFOR’s ratings go now? I thought this was part of the CBS O&O cutbacks when I first read it, but I was wrong. Bryan is a South Florida legend. He helped the whole area through Hurricane Andrew. He will be sorely missed. Best of Luck, Brian!

  4. What do u think bryan need to thank the south florida community for. wasn’t years of hard work, long hours and dedication to his job enough for you. i think its the other way around this town owes a lot to bryan and 4 gave a lot of airtime to thanking him last night. good luck and thanks bryan. it won’t be the same without you but at least you can ignore the critics and small minds now.

  5. Bryan is great and he will be missed on the air.
    Good luck to him in his new venture.
    Signed,a survivor of hurricane Andrew

  6. How often has he been on the air the last year or so anyways?
    He’s great but he really left the boat a while ago.


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