Former WSVN-er Comes Back to the Newsplex

Former WSVN-er Comes Back to the Newsplex


Richard Jordan who is no stranger to the the newsplex is joining WSVN as a reporter from WKRC Local12 the CBS affiliate in Cincinnati, Ohio.

the memo:

I’m pleased to announce the hiring of a new reporter. Many of you might remember Richard Jordan from his days as a writer and associate producer for us back in 2003. Since leaving the Plex, Richard has been a reporter in El Paso, Texas and Cincinnati, Ohio. Richard grew up in Miami and his family is all here…he’s thrilled to be coming home! His first day is April 14th. Please make him feel welcome!

Richard Jordan video bio at


  1. He doesnt mention his time on WSVN in his bio but anyways, looks like a dedicated guy. Good luck to him.
    And how much Cubans have the last name Jordan?

  2. Never worked with him but have been on the same story with him before and he was the only reporter not sitting in the truck. Doesn’t seem lazy to me. I hear he’s actually very well-liked among the photogs. Good luck Jordie.

  3. Javier,

    I don’t know what your gripe is at all. As a colleague, Richard consistently went above and beyond the call of duty. If there was a .01% chance he could turn a story, it would happen. He is money in the bank for his producers. WSVN is lucky to have him, and his competition should be scared and ready to step to the plate.

    WKRC Producer (sad to see a workhorse leave)

  4. Javier, you have no idea what you’re talking about! And if you’re going to make such a claim, have some guts and post your comment under your real name. Richard Jordan is a CLASS ACT and a hard worker. Cincinnati Colleague said it all. Good luck in Miami Richard! We’ll miss you in Cincy!

  5. While we will miss Mr. Jordan here in Cincy…Miami is lucky to have him. I have watched his reporting since he started out on LOCAL12 and he’s great at what he does! Well done WSVN and SFLTV!