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Nichelle King Lands at WPTV


Nichelle King left WSVN in June of 2005 to anchor the weekend news at sister station WHDH in Boston. At the end of July 2007 she left to come back to Florida and has now landed a reporting gig at WPTV in Palm Beach. A tispter who sent the note says King was anchoring the noon newscast today.

Nichelle King Bio at WPTV.com – Nichelle King – WPTV NewsChannel 5

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  1. More like BOSTON sucks. WHDH sure ain’t WSVN. Two completely different shops. Glad she’s back. I wish her well.

  2. I like her!!! Don’t know her from anywhere else (except from reading about her here months ago), she’s new to me but she isn’t annoying. yay!!!!

    I don’t want Laurel to go. 🙁

  3. I like her too Tim. Not for nothing but if she went up there (Boston)with the same expectations as working in Miami, it must have been a rude awakening. Like spending the summer with your mom’s dysfunctional sister. In context it APPEARS normal but i reality you know better.

  4. Nichelle was in way over her head in Boston. Even with some of the young, unpolished hires WHDH has made in the last two years, she stood out as the worst. She even had trouble reading a prompter. WHDH is notorious in Boston for having the weakest and hungriest talent and she proved to be below their standards. It surprised me that she has some apparent fans in Florida. I wish her luck, but either you have or you don’t…she clearly doesn’t.

  5. Apparently Alice thought differently. Kath, you’re probably one of thse folks that think Katie Couric “lucked out” too. Every market isn’t for every person. That’s pretty common knowledge.

  6. She seems to have the right kind of personality for S. Fl. The news is depressing enough without having gloomy anchors and reporters bringing me down! But she’s not as good (imo) as Kelley, Laurel, Shannon, Chandra and Roxanne… even if she is from bigger markets. Her voice doesn’t project enough. But… I like her! She can stay. lol (But please not behind the anchor desk too much… and she cannot replace Laurel!!!)

  7. “But she’s not as good (imo) as Kelley, Laurel, Shannon, Chandra and Roxanne”

    Point taken Tim. Maybe when she’s as old as they are she’ll have it all figured out too ;o)

  8. What is the point of criticizing someone who succeeds in their career? Why not post the following?

    Congratulations Nichelle. Good for you.

    Nichelle was a good reporter and anchor at WSVN.
    She paid her dues on the
    grueling morning shift.

    Congrats on your new job Nichelle. Always remember, “the crabs in the bucket will try and pull you down when you get out.”

    Oh one more thing. BOSTON SUCKS! I would rather soak my toes in the glistening water at the beach in South Florida!

    Best Wishes,

    The Competition.


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