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WTVT’s VP and GM Arrested for More Than Flashing His Junk

WTVT general manager Robert Linger, 49, was arrested at an area adult book store for public exposure.

From Tampa’s ABC affiliate:

“According to Tampa Police Linger and the other suspects formed a ring
around the officers, and then Linger and the others exposed themselves.”!

Other news organizations say Linger and the other 5 creeps weren’t just waving their wangs at the undercover officer(s), they boxed the cop in and started masturbating!

Of course since it’s one of their own WTVT isn’t making a big deal out of the news, and I couldn’t find their report just by going to their website but there was a link on WTSP’s web site. It says

FOX 13 is aware of the matter and is currently reviewing it

Linger was released on $750 bond early Saturday morning, he’s charged with exposure of sexual organs and lewd and lascivious acts. Both charges are misdemeanors.


  1. It’s sad than a man with no moral compass was made a General Manager at WTVT. It says very little about the people above him who placed this person in this position of responsibility.
    Someone at Fox above him should be held responsible.

  2. what’s so wrong? He is a human being. What is wrong is that the police are not fighting real crime. I mean give me a break I could care less if he is in a bookstore or his house doing this. That is his business. The cops should Be out arresting all the murders, rapist and petifiles in this world. When are we as a society in America gonna stop being so afraid of our own sexuality.We need to take cues from other countries when it comes to sex. Stop prosecuting people wanting to bust a nut!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. It seems Tampa has all these bookstores and does all these raides. Hey Tampa insteading of doing all these raids tear the bookstores down and biuld more shopping centers, malls etc. That would stop this so called sex and all our tax paying dollars could go to fighting real crime

    HELLO !!!!!!!!!!

  4. are you fucking kidding me? What?
    This fucking creep was in a store! Jerking off, I presume, out in the open in a circle!? … adult store nonetheless but still …
    He got what’s coming to him
    Fuck him

    And he’s the boss of a news station. That would more likely than not make a big deal out of such an arrest were it somebody else and have special reports on the safety of public bathrooms and run the mugshots of the guys caught every 10 minutes as a top story

    Same creeps like him at the adult stores here.
    You can’t even go take a leak ’cause some skanky fag keeps circling around the shelves motioning you to go the bathroom with him!
    And when you don’t he (or they) pretend they bump into you by accident some even give you a look of how dare you ignore me.

    You are right it’s a waste of money and there are more pressing things cops should be dealing with but if the stores dealt with this it wouldn’t be as much of a problem.

  5. However the stores are not gonna deal with it cause they want the 5 or 10 bucks they charge to get in. Like I said Tampa Bay really seems to be about these bust and instead Tampa Bay should just Demolish all the bookstores and be done with it. Also at the bookstores who goes in the back n pays money for the booth action? Nobody but gay men. So once again if I was not into men cruising me then I would not go to the back. I mean people are gonna have sex gay or straight. I have seepeople in parks doing it. I have also in all places seen people straight people going at it behind a winn dixie in the middle of the day. My point is we may not like all this,but its gonna happen. It does not matter what fines they put on it or jail time. Sure that will calm the problem down some,but not stop it.

  6. he did get what he deserved. a high profile spot like GM of a major broadcasting network shouldn’t be doing that kinda shit around town… he can afford to go to Vegas… wtf? everyone gets lit and gets a little crazy, but linger was stupid for doing what he did.

    DIEGO: constructively, you have it it all wrong. demolishing seedy places is not the answer. these kinds of places are always going to exist and so are the people who frequent them. you cannot eradicate this, no matter how much money is thrown at it or how many adult bookstores you burn. but puritanical, narrow-minded views, like Tom’s, are a bigger part of the bigger problem. maybe it shouldn’t be illegal to yank your crank in a designated public area. everyone deserves to get thier jollies as they need to, so long as nobody gets hurt.

    the community and the employees, not to mention linger’s family, are the ones who got hurt this time. and linger was an ok GM, i guess, but you could see behind his corporate facade that he was a shitty schmuck who thought he was better than most, and his condescending demeanor at work was “controlled,” but by no means invisible. hopefully, he has a new outlook.


  7. and the last thing Tampa needs is another fucking shopping center for the conservative consum-o-crats that crawl all over it like maggots! build better schools, for cryin’ out loud. or pay the cops more, or pay for more cops, not more fucking sports arenas, so that real crime can be dealt with in a more effective manner. i guess that means they’ll need to build bigger jails… maybe combining jails and malls is the answer: you can steal stuff and then go straight to your cell with your new copy of Guitar Hero and circle jerk with your buddies and cops all night long!

  8. ex-TVT,

    What is a conservative consumocrat? What are you talking about? Liberals Democrats and moderates don’t consume anything at shopping centers? If not, where do the smart people like you shop in Tampa?

    This is a weird rant.


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