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Beta: SFLTV Wants YOU!


As many of you may have realized within the past few months, SFLTV is expanding. With a new record readership and hit count, SFLTV is bigger and better than ever before. We are focusing and actively working on new ways to provide fresh content, gossip, and exclusive insider information that only SFLTV can offer you; all of course, 100% free of charge. Over the past months, SFLTV has printed and broken more South Florida TV industry news than anyone else. This also includes all local newspapers and other blogs. SFLTV.com is currently number one in the area, and it is with that I am now thrilled to extend the offer to you to join and expand the ‘SFLTV Family.’ Because SFLTV.com is a ‘hobby’ for at least one of our bloggers, and compensation on most blogs isn’t sizable, fresh content can easily suffer. The SFLTV team recently brainstormed about how we can keep up with daily content, expand our readership, allow SFLTV to remain absolutely free of charge, and expand further to serve you to the fullest. With this, we have decided to expand even further by adding yet another content provider for SFLTV. We feel that with three bloggers on the site, we would have the edge in keeping up with daily content and expanding the type of stories we cover. SFLTV.com is now actively searching to expand the team in adding a content provider, which could very well be you.

Qualifications and Other Information: The current SFLTV.com team is a very friendly, easy to work with, and adaptable team. We’re people who are willing to teach, yet at the same time, are constantly learning. We’re looking for someone who has a general interest, passion, or inside connection to the South Florida local news media. We are also looking for any former news station employees. The great thing about blogging with SFLTV is there’s no minimum or maximum for posting. This will solely be a hobby for our new content writer, and therefore, no compensation will be paid. This is strictly for someone looking for something interesting and fun to do in their spare time. Therefore, you post on your own time, and can post as little or as much as you want. Of course, we’re looking for someone that wants to blog and will contribute. After all, there’s no sense in being on the team if you don’t want to blog. We’re even fine with the less technical savvy folks. Again, we’re willing to teach; and it’s easier than it looks.

Please see the FAQ’s after the jump, and look for details on the less than 5 minute application process. We all are looking forward to being able to serve our readers better, and the new and improved near future that is for SFLTV.com. Look for it soon, and we’ll keep you updated on the new contributor status.


Q: What are the requirements?

A: At this time, we are preferably looking for someone who has worked in the TV news business. Preferably in South Florida TV, though newspaper is fine too. However, we are also looking for someone with general interest/connections in the TV news business.

Q: I’m a current employee for a TV station; can I still blog for SFLTV?

A: Unfortunately no you may not. At this time we are not comfortable allowing people employed at TV stations in Miami and Palm Beach markets to contribute to SFLTV. These are legal issues that will be looked at by our lawyer at some point in the future. If you do become an employee at any of these stations, you must notify us prior to you starting the job. We can’t advise you on whether contributing to us is right for you, ultimately this is your decision to make. Although, most are aware that we’re not favored by some of the South Florida news stations, and there are many issues that could be raised by writing with us.

Q: Can I remain anonymous while blogging?

A: Yes! You can blog under a pseudonym or using your real name; that is completely up to you. However, keep in mind you won’t be anonymous to us and we will want to know who we let contribute to SFLTV. Again, to the general public, you can remain anonymous should you choose

Q: How much will I get paid?

A: This is not a paid position. You will not be an employee, contractor or sub-contractor, or a partner of SFLTV. Consider this a platform to your thoughts, nothing more. Saying that, SFLTV.com is a great learning experience and wonderful way to receive public feedback.

Q: What should I blog about?

A: Anything related to South Florida news television

Q: How much do I have to blog?

A: As much, or as little as you want. Of course, we’ll want you to blog something – that’s the point in bringing another content writer onboard. We do understand that you have a day job and a personal life. We’re 100% flexible, understanding, and pressure free.


If you’re interested, or just have any questions, please just fill out the form below and we’ll contact you. Tell us your name, your e-mail address, why you wish to become an SFLTV contributor, and anything else you think is relevant in our decision making.

From that point, we’ll ask you just a few questions to better determine who our best candidate is.

We look forward to working writing… with you very soon!

Please do note, that pending the outcome of the application process, we will determine the amount of content writers to add (if any at all).

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*Note terms and conditions about the above can change. Full details can be obtained via e-mail.*


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