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WTVJ Cutbacks Coming


NBC6 is rolling out more cutbacks and layoffs. Yesterday, NBC6’s “web reporter”  Ian Wood was let go, as was NBC6’s 11AM show producer Ted Goldenberg.  Both were let go due to the current economic crises and condition. In a meeting early Tuesday, NBC6’s news director Yvette Miley warned of more layoffs and cutbacks. Rumors have it that an on-air talent at 11AM may be the next to be let go. But it’s pure speculation. It is also speculated that NBC6 will loose a few managers in sales and in production. One sales manager was already let go, Carolyn Navarra Overall, very rough times at WTVJ.


  1. WTVJ might not be having such tough times if it had competent management. Here’s a cost-cutter…unload Nespral, Miley and Diercks…use Trina and Ryan and John interchangeably in prime-time, rotating one to mornings and bring in one more weathercaster…and stop with the “ethnosensitive” casting Miley insists on doing. Find the best people, put them in front of the camera and get out of the freaking way. NBC has a disease and it’s called “mismanagement.” I just read elsewhere they want to recast Law and Order SVU without Mariska Hargitay and Chris Meloni, because the actors hung together and want back-end deals. Heaven forbid an actor wants what they’re worth! As if NBC can afford to mess with one of their few popular shows. Idiots. At least they are consistent.

  2. After seeing that deplorable tabloid ridden website i would of fired the web guy too! The hatchet job they are doing is snarky, and very very unprofessional. But the website has sunk TVJ’s credibility to an all time low. The one sided and opinionated journalism is causing Ralph Renick to even watch SVN from the great beyond. That hack writer jessica Sick not only should be fired but she probably led to the dismissal of the web guy due to her overly biased and slanderous reporting The deplorable product that TVJ puts out on the air is the absolute worst. 6-7 straight minutes of commercials..what do you expect what viewer wants to sit through the miccousukee tribe of advertisers, dolphin carpet and marketing, prommetto ford, and air around the commercial OVER and OVER and OVER again. Ever hear of a bumper slide folks? Give the viewer to stay loyal and break up the cluster.

  3. Ian was a ‘web reporter’ for nbc6.net, but was not involved in nbcmiami. He was reporting on weekends and shooting video during the week, sometimes doing stories. Sick had nothing to do with his leaving. It’s the economy, stupid.

    A truck operator was laid off on Thursday. Those are the “cuts to come”…. revenue numbers just came out and it didn’t look good, so they had to cut back. All came out of the news directors’ mouth when she made the announcement.

  4. Sorry to hear about cutbacks….I guess that’s what happens when you run segments like “Oh my stars”, and “Not your average Joe” nstead of giving viewers news you slop this sugary morass as news..and by the way do you think we don’t see that your little Ocean Drive Susie Buckley segments are nothing more than a thinly disguised long commercial for Ocean drive Magazine. TVJ has lost their way and their credibility. Regular anchors are off more than they are there, and the segments are not even news. Turn off the lights and let’s just have a 3 market region

  5. The late morning show, which once was fun, is now a joke with all the blatantly obvious paid insertions. And I am sure that Roxie Vargas is a nice girl, as are all the local traffic reporters, but this remains the stupidest addition in this market. Sane people do not watch TV while driving and the reports are far too out-of-date by the time they get to air. What makes it worse is Roxie will yak and then toss it to the real source, the chopper over the actual traffic problems. Does it take two people to perform this task? I swear I would only need 1 day, 1 black pen and 1 red pen, and I could fix this station. The black pen to sign the competent help long-term and the red pen for the (in some cases) long-overdue pink slips.

  6. I will gladly go toe-to-toe with Yvette Miley and Ardeth Diercks any day. I would submit that the dog from “Frasier” could not have screwed this station up any worse. Or do you think there is nothing to fix here?

  7. Miami says “It’s the economy, Stupid”

    Everyone else from “Chuck” to “Measured Tones” is telling you.. it’s the content and the insipid insertions of paid advertising disguised as news that the viewers are turning away from.. There are only 4 stations covering basically 2 and sometimes 3 counties consisting of about 2 million documented residents. You’re not an airline competing for routes and gate space, you’re not a plumbing contractor competing against 300 other plumbers for a high rise job. You don’t manufacture anything…you report past tense events and predict the weather…so although the economy is admittedly bad… you’re biggest issues are not the economy but the underestimation of your audience who are looking elsewhere since you are not delivering, stupid!

  8. ‘tvj “late morning show”

    Somebody mentioned the late mornig show on nbc6. I assume they meant the one that is on at 11. I hafta admit, I work for th ecompetiton, but I love that show. We all watch it before our noon show. I usually catch the first part, where the hosts talk about the news of the day. YOu never know what’s going to be brought up, and sometimes it ranges fromthe sublime to the ridiculous, but I’m always entertained.

  9. IMO, it really seems like NBC would perfer to hire and/or keep incompetant station managers.

    With more cuts expected… I wonder if NBC has ever considered implementing mandatory employee furloughs… as well as considering dumping WTVJ’s weekend morning news.

    Weekend morning news… I noticed that Gannett dumped the weekend morning newscast from its Washington, DC station WUSA-TV… sighting low ratings, and the current economic situation. The CBS station running half-hour infomercials in its place, in an effort to save money, and make money. I get that feeling that their Tampa Bay station WTSP may not be keeping their Saturday morning news for too much longer. I assume it would remain to be seen with WTVJ.


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