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Julie Durda Now a Meteorologist Too

WSVN Meteorologist Julie Durda Photo:WSVN.com
WSVN Meteorologist Julie Durda Photo:WSVN.com

As of last Wednesday, August 10th, Julie Durda is a certified meteorologist. Her colleague Vivian Gonzalez also received her certificate last week.

A reader alerted us to a tweet by WSVN morning anchor Christine Cruz

Congrats indeed!



  1. is it just me or shouldn’t these laides have gotten this certification BEFORE getting jobs as on air as meteorologists. It’s like an attorney practicing law before passing the bar

  2. I used to think that also, but apparently there are a lot of “weather people” on the air who are not meteorologists. They probably pull a smaller salary than those with degrees.

    • What about Laurie Jennings doing the sports on Will’s nights off before they hired Andrea Brody? That was a real hoot!

  3. Well alot of the weather anchors were traffic reporters too. Some are aspiring meteoroligist. Studying meteorology and being on TV should represent what you know. But not all who study meteorology are good at presenting important imformation to the public.

  4. Julie and Vivian both were on air as weather anchors prior to getting the meteorology degrees. They can report the weather as they were doing, which was most likely prepared by a meteorologist. NOW THEY CAN DO IT ALL!

  5. Congrats to Julie. She is so great to tune into every morning. The degree just gives her that much more credibility & I think her on-air presentations are awesome. She has a great personality and a very understandable forecast. There are plenty of people out there who have degrees and certifications, and are not able to deliver a smooth and entertaining weather forecast. Awesome job Julie and keep up the great work!!!


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