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New WSVN.com Goes Live


The new and updated WSVN.com went live this Monday morning, just as SFLTV.com told you it would in our “First Look.” Overall, I like the new site. I feel that it has a cleaner, more organized look to it. On the top navigation bar, there are handy links for the “7 Skyforce Tracker,” “News Team,” and  “7 News Live” (which allows you to watch the show when streaming). As reported yesterday, there are very little differences between  WSVN.com and WHDH.com. The main changes I spotted was obviously, the logo branding and affiliation. WSVN.com also placed an advertisement on the top header of the site near their logo, where as WHDH has a graphic of the Boston skyline. Additionally, WHDH.com is asking for feedback, posing the question of: “We want this website to be your website. Click here to give us some feedback.” From my searching, there is no request for feedback on the updated WSVN site.

Updated WSVN.com
Updated WSVN.com

Check out the new WSVN.com here. Compare it to the new WHDH site here.


  1. I really like this new do. I couldnt stand the previous. I am also happy they have separated anchors from reported and the other departments. Definitely cleaners. They now need to tighten up the many loose ends on the set to resemble the finished look at WHDH.

    • No surprise, as WSVN is the most un-FOX like FOX affiliate I’ve known (in fairness, the only other one I’ve had experience is is KTTV in L. A., which is a Fox o & o.)

  2. Yeah it resembles CNN – in it’s cleanliness and sleekness but it also resembes Fox News’ website in its overall colors-theme.

  3. The more I navigate through the website the more impressed I am. Everything from video, cleanliness, organization, weather, features, et cetera…..

    The best website in town.

  4. The website, in my opinion, is bitter-sweet. It’s very clean, and organized, which was something I detested about the last website, it was so bunched together and too much to absorb, whereas now everything is nicer and cleaner. I just don’t like the fact that it’s too plain, I don’t like plain, I like some color in my site!


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