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SunSentinel Celeb Smackdown Enters Round 2


CelebritySmackdownBracketThe Sun Sentinel South Florida Celebrity smackdown, pitting television anchors against radio hosts, has entered round two.

After newsroom employees SunSentinel.com visitors weeded out most contestants in round two, now they have to decide who moves on to round 3 which begins next Wednesday, July 29th.

Competing in Round 2 are:

Jimmy Cefalo WIOD vs Susan Wise 101.5FM
Claudia Shea/Ric Blackwell WFLX vs Joe Rose WTVJ/WQAM
Will Manso WPLG vs Ryan Lieber WPTV
Laurie Jennings/Charles Perez WPLG vs Shannon Hori/Antonio Mora WFOR
Kelly Dunn/Jim Sacket WPTV vs Lynn Martinez Louis Aguirre WSVN
Diana Diaz/Christine Cruz WSVN vs Pam Giganti/Bob Mayer WTVJ

After jump, who among the TV personalities got canned in round 1?

Craig Stevens/Belkys Nerey WSVN lost to Laurie Jennings/Charles Perez WPLG
Julia Yarbough/Jackie Nespral WTVJ lost to SHannon Hori/Antonio Mora WFOR
Erick/Susanne Boyd WPEC lost to Kelley Dunn/Jim Sacket WPTV
Dave Aizer/Kristin Anderson WSFL lost to Lynn Martinez/Louis Aguirre WSVN
Kristi Krueger/Kelvin Hughes WPLG lost to Diana Diaz/Christine Cruz WSVN
Jim Berry/Cynthia Demos WFOR lost to Pam Gigante/Bob Mayer WTVJ
Roxanne Stein/John Favole WPTV lost to Claudia Shea/Ric Blackwell WFLX
Steve Shapiro WSVN lost to Joe Rose WTVJ
Susan Wise lost to Jimmy Cefalo (formerly of WPLG) WIOD
Kim Bokamper WFOR lost to Will Manso WPLG
Pat Murphy WPEC lost to Ryan Lieber WPTV


  1. But Laurie got TROUNCED BY SHANNON

    CBS4 LOL what A joke with that Horse Antonio Mora

    Now that is Fabulous a station NOBODY WATCHES beats the TOP

    Me and BELKYS are kicking are HEELS off and having a nother cocktail

    You better win LYNN and LOUIE for the team


    Now I have spoken on it JOE


    • But…CBS 4 nearly has the same in ratings as WSVN. Also I think CBS 4 has been winning the sign on to sign off thing. And, surprisingly. Katie Couric does very well in South Florida. I don’t know if it has to do with her being a former local reporter or what.

    • D, doing fine, thanks. Hope the same is true with you also. Thanks for speaking on it.

      Now, to get down to business, Shannon does indeed give Laurie a run for her money IMO. That said, I’m going to reserve judgment until I see Shannon in HD. Yes, Antonio is getting harder to take.

      So you’re hanging with Belkys now? Give her my regards and let her know that I think she’s a hoot, but that she should be on Deco Drive and not the news. 😉

  2. Yes Joe I am so glad you are well

    Me and Belkys hangout all the time thats My girl

    Polar Bear thanks for welcoming me back

    I am so glad to be back with you ALL and I have missed you all

    Deco is Lynn and Louie those 2 are a pair Belkys belongs at the desk keeping Craig and Steve in order

    HOW YOU DOIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am speaking on it



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