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WSVN’s Vivian Gonzalez is Certified


Photo: WSVN.com
Photo: WSVN.com
Vivian Gonzalez, WSVN weather producer extraordinaire turned weekend mornings weather anchor is now officially a meteorologist. Says so she in this tweet:

“I’m officially a Meteorologist! You have a dream, set a goal, work hard to reach it & it comes true. Beyond words what I feel right now”



  1. Congrats Viv, you are doing a great job, keep it up. To you Steve, the majority of people doing weather on tv are not meteorologists but people who studying journalism and then do the weather.

  2. And besides doing all the course work, she’s worked her butt off to become one of the best up and comers we have. Dedicated. Humble. Kind. Vivian is the real deal. No diva here!

  3. Congrats on being an official meteorologist. You get better everyday. You look great too. “Looks + brain” definitely Polar Bear.

  4. YES

    Vivan is FAB U LOUS

    I love here and her outfits and heels

    I also like here doing the weather she makes it simple for us simple people like Mitch and myself

  5. Let’s be honest with ourselves… I think she was referring to the MSU certificate. That does not make you a meteorologist. Look at the government standards to be a meteorologist. While Vivian is nice and fairly good, she isn’t a met. Get the real degree baby.

    • Seems to me her degree is in vacuum sealed dresses, battery operated click ticklers to promote that ridiculous smile and whispering forecasts with the only thing missing being a stripper pole. What about a good old fashioned weather report “only”. Nobody needs or wants all that first thing in the morning. Whatever happened to self-respect???

      • Actually a lot of people seem to need or want all that first thing in the morning given the ratings and Today in Florida being rated most watched

  6. That’s fine with me at least she’s better than some bimbos whose only qualification is to read what someone else wrote!

    I m sure you weren’t a ‘weather guy’ overnight!

  7. Sometimes when she’s wearing certain tight sweaters and high heeled sandals, it’s hard for me to actually concentrate on anything she’s saying!! 🙂

    • Yeah, she had the “stripper heels” working this past Saturday! 🙂 And double duty, as she was in for Brent on the evening broadcasts.

  8. Rarely have I been so excited about a weather girl before, so I composed the following piece of Japanese haiku poetry:

    Ms. Viv Gonzalez,
    Perky doe eyes and lovely feet.
    Quickens my heatbeat.

    Rain or cold snowflakes,
    Vivian helps me to take
    What the day may bring.

    OMG, now I’m blushing!! 🙂

  9. her clothing are outragous the dress is too short above her knees and too sexy for the weather report
    she need to cover up her body too tight

  10. please wear work clothes and not cocktail dresses too sexy and too short and too tight can see ur behind showing and above her knees is way too short

  11. Who in the world is dressing this woman? Yes, I agree her clothing is too tight but the bigger issue is her style. Her dresses this week are in a word hideous. She is in need of a stylist and if she is using one then they should be fired. I like her doing the weather much better than Julie Durda but I can’t stand looking at her clothes.

    • She must be dressing herself as surely a stylist wouldn’t choose some of those strip club outfits! I’ve never seen armpit level boobs and it looks like she’s had botox injections into her upper legs. Add all that whispering, Barnum & Bailey eyebrows, and that ridiculous smile and what do you have… a clown. Sad. Guess WSVN is counting on horny old men that are too drunk to see for their ratings!

      • Don’t forget horny young men 😉

        God damn this woman is so hot, you can tell she works out alot well it looks like all the girls on this station do. But have you seen her legs? She’s probobly squatting more weight than every guy in the gym.


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