Miami-Fort Lauderdale is DMA 16 Again

Miami-Fort Lauderdale is DMA 16 Again


After losing a spot last year because of less households in the area, our Miami-Fort Lauderdale TV market is again at number 16 in Nielsen’s latest update for 2010/2011. Miami swapped places with Denver, Colorado which fell to number 17.

According to Nielsen formerly high growth markets like Miami and Las Vegas seem to have stabilized after posting diminished growth in the last couple of years. Overall the ratings company shows the United States grew by 1 million households vs just 400,000 last year.


  1. With WPB being its own market, it’s going to be nearly impossible for M-FL to crack the top 10. It’s a very small market geographically without much more room to build. Orlando and Tampa, by comparison, can move up more easily because of the fewer natural barriers.