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WFOR Traffic Reporter Christina Loren Leaves for California


WFOR traffic reporter Christina Loren has left the station to take a job at a television station in California as a morning weather anchor.

Christina Loren joined WFOR in very early January, 2008 as traffic reporter from KERO in Bakersfield, California where she was a meteorologist and back up traffic anchor.


  1. Shame, she was a fine thing to look at first thing in the morning. Certainly prettier and a better personality then Lissette. Big loss in the morning.

  2. According to Christina’s Facebook, she will debut tomorrow morning on Today by the Bay on KNTV NBC 11 in San Francisco. Their website already has a kinda cute promo video.

    • Not as of yet, they just have one of the anchors read the traffic, and sometimes they blow it off, go straight from Lissette to the news. I wouldn’t be too surprised if CBS4 eliminated the position, wasn’t it vacant for awhile before Christina arrived?

  3. Christina or Lissette…………What’s not to like about either one??
    I will miss her presences on the morning show.

  4. Really going to miss her perky attitude and her implants. Perfect for South Florida in the AM. Hopefully they’ll get someone just as perky but with bigger implants.

  5. I live in the Santa Clara Valley where Christina is now reporting, it’s like a breath of fresh air to have her here! 🙂

  6. Loren is a bimbo…..during her first broadcast, when she turned sideways it became clear to me why they hired her….no degree in meteorology, blonde, big boobs, and goofy chatter!

  7. Hate to break it to you, but those beautiful breasts are REAL. I went middle school with Christina in Palm Desert and I used to stare at them during art class everyday. Now I get to watch those lovely melons from my Ranch here in Gilroy every morning.

    • Nope – all you have to do is look at older photos of her and you can tell she’s had recent enhancements. But at least you are enjoying her investment.

      • She looks exactly the same in every picture google has to offer, older photos included. Id like to see your personal stock of exclusive photos.

  8. I’m surprised her detractors not only went online to search for her, but also commented.

    She is out of character for the Bay Area being so bright and sunny, but the Bay Area could use that as a television personality. We don’t need any more of the typical, muted Northern Californians. With her on our tvs it’s almost like we’re typical Americans or something. It’s kind of sad that here in the Bay Area a person that greets the day positively must be fake or stupid. Personally, I take things like her local pronunciation of Los Gatos, and her quick self-correction after pronouncing Concord like the airplane as a sign of her determination to get things right. That’s not a sign of a “bimbo” in my book.

  9. I’ve in Los Gatos my entire life and never watched the local news, mostly just ESPN and Fox News. Now I get pissed if I miss it. Thank you Rich for confirming my suspicions. When they shoot her at just the right angle, you can tell that she is a natural goddess.

  10. I cannot believe all the jealous women out there. Ladies, get yourselves together a little, and you won’t feel threatened. Not only is Christina a very fine meteorologist, she happens to be fun, sweet, sexy & amazingly beautiful. Get over it – bitter hens! Haaa!

  11. i have no time for rude remarks about this beautiful,vibrant lady…she made my getting up, to face the day worthwhile…i love her sense of humor,and most of all she is beautifully made….i am a fan.i truly miss her in the mornings.

    • I agree with you! We feel that Christina is bright, beautiful, sure of herself, and dresses beautifully. I love her style and women who put her down should learn from her. Women need to embrace their bodies and femininity.
      I sure would love to buy some of the styles she wears. I’m in my sixties and I remember buying same te style dresses for my well-endowed figure.
      Keep on welcoming us (my husband + the Bay area) each morning on NBC.

      • Hard to believe that it’s been 2 years since Christina left! Fortunately, I am friends with her on Facebook, so I still get to keep up. It was a good move for her, her first love was weather, and she was never going to replace Lissette at CBS 4, so she needed to move on. So it’s the best of both worlds, Christina’s replacement (Vanessa Borge) is gorgeous (we’ll just forget about the thankfully short-lived disaster that was Lisa Lee), and I still see Christina on FB. 🙂

  12. hey i look foward to her forecast every morning!she looks hott! so stop hating she not going any where!


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