Curt Fonger Could be Joining WPBF

Curt Fonger Could be Joining WPBF

Curt Fonger Photo:

A bit of excitement in Palm Beach as GossipExtra reports their spies observed former WPEC anchor Curt Fonger having a “long lunch” with WPBF general manager Caroline Taplett at TooJays recently. GossipExtra also says Fonger was seen visiting the WPBF studios in Palm Beach Gardens. WPBF are looking to fill the main co-anchor chair next to Tiffany Kenney after Victor Blackwell left to anchor weekends at CNN HQ in Atlanta.

Curt Fonger left WPEC in August 2011 after 22 years at the station. SFLTV sources at the time claimed he was offered a new contract but for “significantly less” money. WPEC, at the time still owned by bankrupted Freedom Communications, was up for sale as creditors JP Morgan and Aurelius Capital were in the midst of trying to cut their losses to a minimum by selling assets.

Ric Blackwell, the former WFLX/WPEC anchor who was bumped out at the end of 2010 shortly before WPTV was set to produce the newscasts for the FOX affiliate, is also said to be in the running for main co-anchor.


  1. I have been wondering what’s been going on with those two. Will be interesting to see how it all plays out…

  2. it been reports that former wtvj anchor joel conable seen with both wpbf GM and news director interviewing for the main anchor job at wpbf also

  3. Curt is a HUGE DUD! He has no carisma on camera. I moved to West Palm from Los Angeles amd I remember Joel Connable on television out there. he was an excellent reporter and when I saw him anchoring here in Miami, I said, “That’s a real person who knows how to talkw ithout a script.” i saw him cover the US Air crash in New York and he knew what he was talking about. He’s a nice guy all around and I know a lot of people who would like to see him anchor up here next to Tiffany.

  4. It’s a no-brainer. The guy has earned more trust by viewers and more intimate knowledge of this market than just about anyone.

    Haters be damned. If you can do a better job than, Curt, YOU apply for position!

  5. Local news is boring… They’re all talking heads/bad actors… talking crap about crap they don’t know about.

    I get my news online. But that Tiffany sure if pretty to look at.

  6. WPBF if you’re going to take talent from ’bout take them from a WINNING station. He’s got experience and a name but his personality is going to tank ratings. He doesn’t fit the fast-pace style and younger viewers PBF seems like they are after…

  7. I miss Curt and would love to see him back on the air here in Palm Beach. He has a tremendous following and would bring WPBF rating up with him.

  8. I watched Curt in the early 80’s at WKRG-TV in Mobile, Alabama. I thought then he was underused there, and should have been in a bigger market. I hope channel 25 brings him aboard.