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Julie Durda Leaving WSVN This Friday


scratch that December date we gave you before, WSVN meteorologist Julie Durda will be saying goodbye to viewers this Friday at noon. The sudden departure according to several WSVN insiders has to do with management who allegedly decided they want her gone asap. Julie Durda WSVN meteorologist

On her Facebook page Durda posted a cryptic message saying “I can tell you this is not the last you will see of me” and GossipExtra adds Julie Durda is sitting out her non-compete before  a non-weather related gig in local TV  

Here’s the message she left on her Facebook wall this morning

Yes you heard right… I’m not going far just taking a break for a
honeymoon and get some rest basically going to throw my ALARM CLOCK away….:) I will NOT be on wsvn after this Friday. I can tell you this is not the last you will see of me 🙂 I will continue to stay connected to the community in other ways. Keep intouch on facebook!!
Thank you as always for all the love, support and the sweet messages!! Sending you all big hugs!!


  1. Is your “WSVN insider” the janitor? Do you know how TV contracts work? Obviously her next employer bought her out early. She will either be moving this weekend or enjoying an early start to her non-compete clause in SFL “hence her talk about vaca’s on FB”. Plus everyone in SFL knows how cheap WSVN is and how hard they work their employees. Good for Durda. Good luck to her and whoever takes her spot.

    • I read she has that degree in Meteorology and is Certified by the AMS. Dont think they give those out anymore. Niether can be cheap. I’m guessing she will wind up on a competitor doing weather. Why not… she’s got one hell of a following down here. Safer than bringing in a new girl and steals her away from WSVN.

  2. Interesting. Obviously, WSVN won’t have someone in place to replace Julie (or replace Vivian if they bump her up to weekdays), since it seems until recently she was supposed to leave in December. I’m guessing that either Vivian fills in Mon-Friday (and Brent does Saturday AMs as well as PMs), or Brent does weekday AMs and Viv takes over weekend PMs as well as Saturday morning (she has done so several times in the past when Brent was off)

  3. for sure she got canned early. I mean seriously read between the lines here… I think Viv have a good chance. She is pretty and she is very smart… i think that she has like 4 degrees or something crazy like that.

    • What lines? The lines that she has a better offer for more cash and less drama from WSVN. If you read the info Durda wanted out ASAP back when she declined to renew with them over a month ago. WSVN is simply trying to keep a good position with their employees and south Florida viewers. No employer would want an employee who doesn’t want to be there. Think of it this way, If your significant other wants to leave would you say ok buts lets do it 4 months from now? Probably not, you’d figure out the details at hand and move on. Which is probably what is going on here.

  4. With Julie Durda being released by WSVN earlier than anticipated… here’s to hoping that either WTVJ, WFOR, or WPLG has interest in hiring her, after her WSVN non-compete clause expires. I also like the idea of Viv being promoted to weekday morning weather.

    • As to where Julie is headed…Deco Drive is a WSVN show, else that would be my first speculation…hmm…

      I’ve got it! She’s going to replace Roxy on 6 in the Mix 😀

      Seriously, I have no clue

  5. Just glad Julie will not be on anymore. I can finally tune back in to channel 7 during the morning. I couldn’t stand listening to Julie’s raspy voice. Hopefully, WSVN will come to their sense and bring Vivian on board during the weekdays.

  6. I thought Julie was great. Sexy, smart and had a good delivery. Rumor is, she is going to WTVJ. They offered a very low pay, under 100 thousand to do morning weather.

    • I think your right. I heard WSVN pays peanuts. No doubt Durda is jumping for a better contract. And who wouldn’t. Think about it the other stations dont have to be onair all the way until 10am like WSVN does. They stop at 7am when their network shows start. You gotta wonder why a weather girl would want the WSVN job, longer hours, crap pay, sounds like the sweatshop of television.


  8. I’m OK with Vivian filling in for the time being–keeps the continuity of silicone going. But WSVN better be planning an all-out search for another west coast hot girlie. Julie was a significant step down from Elita Loresca, and Vivian would be an even more noticeable drop-off. IIRC she was an intern at WSCV and only came to WSVN because Phil/Felipe/Fidel insisted on bringing her along. She still desperately needs the elocution lessons that the others in this market take when moving from Spanish to English stations.
    And as for Julie staying local, I can’t think of a single weather/ traffic/ entertainment /sports “features” reporter on the other three stations that she would be an upgrade over. WTVJ wisely broke up the “Amazon women of the morning” shows and I sure hope they don’t backtrack by bringing in Julie.

  9. I was unable to watch the noon WSVN newscast. Did they give Julie a nice sendoff, or was it business as usual?

    • OK, just checked WSVN.com (shoulda done it before I posted, DUH!) There was a Julie farewell video. (I don’t have audio at this computer, so I have to guess at what was actually said) Started with Christine and Diana at the desk, I assume they mentioned that it was Julie’s last broadcast, then one of them held up what looked like a t-shirt which I guess maybe everyone at the station had signed. Julie seemed to enjoy that, then she went into her remarks, for about 2 minutes. She seemed upbeat, no tears that I could see, and that was it. I’ll have to watch again (with sound) when I get home. 🙂

  10. What is the deal with her and Joe Rose? He rides her all the time. The guy has a serious crush on her. Wonder if his wife will get sick of it one day.

  11. I was just watching wasvn7 and didn’t see Julie again. I went to fb and found out she was let go. WHY? She was the prettiest woman doing the weather . People who demeaned her are envious of her . I won’t watch 7 any more. I hope she stays local.

  12. Sorry to see Julie go, but looking at WSVN’s track record, they will find another hottie to fill Julie’s shoes just as they did when Elita left for LA…they will be keeping it fresh for their viewers:)

  13. c’mon haters, you have to admire a gorgeous woman that works hard, and EARNS her degree in meteorology? Stays in great shape and is eloquent to boot. WSVN you have literally dropped the ball on this one. Where is your creative imagination? She will definitely land on her feet.
    I’ll miss those red and white dresses that got me jump started in the morning.

    e callais you better get a life and stop drinking hatorade!! She got her crap together…. what about you? Plus she did an awesome job reporting the weather not sitting around eating Twinkies!!


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