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Julie Durda Leaving WSVN


Barely a month after she wed a WSVN ad executive Julie Durda has decided she’s moving on from WSVN and ‘Today in Florida’. Surprised and excited 7Newsers were contacting us on Friday after an internal memo went out that announced to Plex employees Julie Durda will not be renewing her contract. Her last day will be sometime in December.


  1. Interesting news. I guess WSVN changed the contract terms, as I thought Julie’s contract was up last year and she had renewed. Since I’ve lived here (mid-1998), the AM weather person on WSVN changed in 1998 (Amy Murphy replacing Pamela Wright), 2001 (Jackie Johnson replacing Amy), 2004 (Elita Loresca replacing Jackie) and 2007 (Julie replacing Elita).
    Anyway, best of luck to Julie in her future endeavours. Now let the speculation for her replacement begin! 🙂 (I vote for Vivian Gonzalez to be promoted to weekday mornings, and some new girl to take over Saturday AMs, but that probably won’t happen) 🙁

    • I completely agree. Vivian Gonzalez should be promoted to the daytime weather position….she does a great job on the weekends & will be a great addition to the daytime programs!!! She’s very energetic, delivers the weather professionally so that it is easy to understand. Vivian has been with Channel 7 for quite a long time and in all fairness to her…she should be given the opportunity… AND she’s is beautiful!!!

      • I Thank Vivian should have got that job a long time ago!! And what ever u need to do to keep Vivian there and happy,Then you should give her a change!! Remember Superman was not made in a day!!

    • I agree. Vivian is a hard working weather woman and should be bumped up to the top spot. She is a joy to listen to on air and is looks great as well. Many may not share my opinion but she was the real talent and not Julie.

  2. I’m hoping Vivian gets promoted. The news anchors get the opportunity and so should she. She sure deserves it.

  3. Please do not promote vivian, she delivers the weather horribly and still seems to not know what she is doing. I would bring in some new blood, someone with knowledge, someone that is already a meteorologist and not just a weather anchor like julie and vivian started as, someone that does not require schooling while on the job to advance their career into meteorology. just a few suggestions.

    • Vivian was a weather producer for a couple of years before they made her an anchor, so I would say she knew something about the weather (probably more than Julie did when she arrived!)
      The only reason I think they may not promote her is that she has a (very) slight speech impediment. You have to listen really closely, but I do hear it on certain words.

      • I agree with you Transitfan she definitely knows her stuff. However, I do not agree with the speech thing. She does speak proper and uses meteorological terms. But I think shes worked on it. Love her and wish her the best.

      • She has a speech impediment? I have NEVER heard it. I believe in promoting from within, especially when deserving people have worked hard and who doesnt leanr on the job. I have been on my job for 15 years and learn new things every day. I like how geniune Vivian is….and that she doesn’t come off as fake. I also like that Vivianis a Florida native…. Shouldn’t a job like this go to someone who has lived in Florida their whole life? I also know that, Vivian has a true passion for the weather. She is absolutely obssessed with it and not with being a celebrity.

  4. I wanna see either Vivan or Brent getting that morning promotion. All of 7’s weather team is great, in my opinion. Question is, if either is getting promoted, who will fill the weekend evening or saturday morning spot ? And if not, will WSVN 7 have a nationwide search for a replacement ? past WSVN 7 morning meteorologists never got promoted from their previous shifts. Like for example, Julie I believe came from Phoenix (KPHO) and never had any other previous shift at the station. My guess is that WSVN 7 would probably do a nationwide search to find a morning meteorologist. This is just under my opinion.

  5. I think I will actually tune into the morning news when Julie leaves. Never liked her. Her segments were always long and boring. She definitely is no meteorogist. I can however say that Vivian is. Just look it up. The girl is probably most qualified than everyone there. She has her meteorology degree plus accreditations. She is night and day from when she started. Her shows are well paced and she looks more amazing than ever. She is most deserving of a promotion. I’ll be rooting for Vivian Gonzalez and hoping wsvn sees how valuable she is.

  6. vivian should definitely get the job…….nice personality….nice ass and great tits……..if alexis can get the anchor post this should be easy!!!!!!

  7. As a long time SoFlo resident, I have had the great pleasure of meeting Vivian Gonzalez, and watching her as a budding talent on WSVN. She has grown and developed in a BIG way over the past few years in her profession as Meteorologist, and On-Air Weather broadcaster. In my opinion, Vivian Gonzalez, would be the ideal and best choice to succeed Julie Durda.

  8. Weird that both Sunbeam stations, WSVN and WHDH are looking for AM Meteorologist replacements. WHDH Dylan Dreyer left for the weekend today show 3 weeks ago

  9. There is NO way Vivian should get the job. She can’t even handle filling in for Durda. WSVN is much smarter than using a weekend girl for a full time position. This is a HUGE role that Vivian just can’t handle. If she could she would have been promoted years ago. Vivian stumbles a lot and breathes very heavy, both nervous tendenacies while presenting. WSVN can’t handle being #2 or #3 in the morning and with Vivian they would be. They will certainly be searching nationwide for Durda’s replacement.

    • “No Way Vivian” – your comments are suspect…you’re trying too hard to talk bad Vivian Gonzalez…hopefully WSVN is much smarter than you and will notice your agenda!!! #meanspirited

  10. Vivian has come a long way from when she first started. She is professional and delivers the weather accurately. When she speaks, she explains the terms so her viewer can understand them, that more than I can say for Julie, who just shoots words out and doesn’t even know the meaning of them herself. It’s about time Julie is out! Now it’s time for some real talent to take over the morning show!

  11. Would someone please tell Vivian’s family and friends to stop posting on here. LOL.
    Really she can’t hold a candle to Durda. Good luck WSVN.

  12. Julie = Ratings. She hasn’t left yet but already I miss her. I think WSVN right about now is conducting a new search for their 5 hour morning news block. Although if they went with Vivian, it would not be a bad choice as I think she is very good. But at the end of the day, its just the weather. Let the debate continue!

  13. Learning that Julia Duh-Duh is leaving is the BEST news I have heard in a long time. She seems to have difficulty reading the teleprompter, she clearly hates warm weather which means she’s living in the wrong place, she seems to think we are all so stupid that we need to be reminded daily to “not forget our umbrella”, but her defining moment was when she say we were not “imaginating”!! Not even a word in the dictionary. I wish you well Julia but so so happy you are leaving. Now I will be able to watch Channel 7 in the morning again!

  14. Funny that no one really cares about her leaving. She has been ousted from Sports Talk radio and with no real answer as to why she is leaving. Did she quit? was she not going to be renewed? or has another job???

  15. This blog is comical. No one seems to get the true point here. All reports state Julie did not renew with WSVN. Meaning they wanted her first. This isnt a question of who is better Julie or Vivian. That has been answered for the past 5 years. The question now is Vivian better than whoever WSVN can find to replace Julie. Thats a big question, they were able to find Jackie, Elita and Julie. In my opinion if Vivian gets the job they are just settling.

    • I disagree. I don’t see Julie as being head and shoulders better than Vivian and she had the FT spot. Julie fumbles her words, says things that don’t make sense, has a hard time transitioning from being personable and off the cuff to jumping into the weather report, she is redundant….”my friends”, “don’t forget your umbrella”, “my no mean’s is it”, “we are flirting with”… not to critize her because I am sure that it isn’t easy to speak, live without flubbing a word and to cram everything into a short segment while also trying to be personable… My point is that Vivian may need more air time to be as smooth as those who have been on air for year and years and I believe she deserves and has earned the opportunity to move into the FT spot. Everyone gets better at what they do by doing it more…. Why shouldn’t Vivian have the opportunity. I enjoy watching her and think that she does a nice job, seems geniune, represents Florida well, and is a beautiful & classy young woman. Channel 7, step up and do the right thing!

      • I agree Let’s not forget some of the ridiculous things Julie has pulled off… Saying, “ya.ll” and “folks” in south Florida sounds pretty dumb… My all time favorite scene was when she starting jumping in puddles and used a coffee mug to show the viewers how much it had rained… Really? I’d love to know the REAL reason she’s not coming back.

  16. Some of these posters need to get a life. Julie is leaving and so with that someone else will get a new job. I would think that hiring from within would be a first choice like they do with the reporters. I say either Brent Cameron or Vivian Gonzalez will do a fine job. They should get the chance to get more experience. I just dread if they go the other route in hiring someone totally new, we don’t end up with someone as inexperienced like Julie was in the beginning. And she still fumbles and takes super long to deliver the weather. Way too much talking and biggest annoying trait is her voice cracking. But no one can be perfect. So thank you to Julie for the time you gave us and good luck in your new endeavors.

  17. I say Latin Hottie Vivian Gonzalez is totally not plain. She fits the demographics with the majority watching being Hispanic and the morning anchors too. And she is looking shredded. Looking better than ever. Hopefully she is not over looked.

  18. as a long time wsvn watcher Vivian Gonzalez deserves the morning spot,she’s talented,pretty and doers a great job.And if they don’t she’ll leave just like
    luann Sorell did when she got passed over for the morning anchor spot.

  19. i agree what a hot number….perfect tits and great ass….but if vivian doesnt get the job(like she should)…then it will be someone who is flat chested…just look at the recent hires…….Vivian deserves the job

  20. She’s actually leaving this Friday 10/12/12 not in December. On today’s weather she said her last Tuesday was today and then she proceeded to think her white dress was see through and seemed to be amused by that on the first weather segment this morning. Sorry to see her go.

    • That makes more sense, as IIRC, Julie started around this time in 2007. Best of luck to her.
      I wonder if she decided to leave because maybe she and the new hubby are planning to start a family (though she could still work and just leave when the baby is about to arrive). Julie is 32 now (will be 33 at the beginning of next year), so she needs to get cracking, especially if she wants more than one. 🙂

  21. I’ll miss Durda’s big tits. Otherwise, she’s dumb as a bag of dirt and has the mentality of a retarded cheerleader. I’m sure Channel 7 will soon find another similar mindless bimbo to replace her


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