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Video: Motage of The New NBC 6 Debut


Here it is, video montage of the 5pm and 6pm WTVJ NBC6 newscast with all new graphics, the new studio, a much more upbeat theme and a new ‘Team 6 is everywhere’ tag. Does it feel like they kicked the pace up on the newscast? That was one of the much needed things I thought they have to do, it felt stale and slow before.

Should have strapped a steadycam to someone and shown off those new digs though

What do you think?

thanks to TMBtD for the upload


  1. Looks very nice. Now all they have to do is get rid of Trina Robinson and bring back the very talented staff that left IE: Julia Yarbough

  2. They debut their brand new set and their brand new main anchor isn’t even there. Typical NBC6 mistake. You can see the makeup on the anchor’s faces because the lighting is so bad. There is pixilation on all their grahics. For example, the Xfinity graphic for their sports segment was pixilated. They also led the 530 news with a story out of Ocala about an old man shooting at robbers in a store. That’s not local news. producers need to realize that video of people shooting guns on surveillance cameras and people rolling down stairs in wheelchairs is not news. Someone mentioned on this blog that NBC6 has a news gathering problem. That’s always been their problem. They have the worst assignment desk in town. No one on the desk can get a crew anywhere in time. They also don’t have enough crews. They are lucky to have two working live trucks and they have the share them with Telemundo. Local news is like a restaurant. You can make it as pretty as you like but if the food sucks, people will never come back to eat again. NBC needs better reporters, better coverage of local news, they have to be on top of breaking news which they fail at everyday and they need to get good anchors. Jackie can’t do anything without a TelePrompter. Trina can barely properly and Adam look sick, thin and his talent is in sports, not news. Do you see your major problems yet NBC?

    • WSVN Producer: 100% correct. You left out John Morales, who has the driest delivery around.

      As far as the local news coverage at all the stations, they do a great job of covering crime, the latest face lift procedure and bizarre videos ad nauseum. But not much else. Most of those types of stories are like a sugar high, exciting when you watch it, but forgotten about 30 minutes later. The local stations fall down when covering less sensational stories about issues that really impact the viewers. But I understand that it’s always about ratings and attracting the most eyes to your program, not news value.

  3. Boring set, and the blue neon color is annoying… They should have made big changes and done a set like Entertainment Tonight, Extra, or any of the other national shows that have the hosts standing, walking and interacting with smart boards, etc. I hate seeing anchors sitting too far apart, and behind desks. Same for the weather, stand up and walk around, even if the weather sucks, do something to create motion and interest. Oh, and the lights are too dim on the anchors… All this planning, and that’s the best they can do?

  4. You people bitch about every fucking thing.. First you say that they need a new set and new graphics.. When they get it all you do is bitch about how you don’t like it. I personally think it is a beautiful set, very modern, very Miami.

    • The set indeed does look modern and beautiful, but it doesn’t look very Miami to me. If it wasn’t for the video wall of downtown Miami, it wouldn’t be distinctive from any other news studio in the U.S.

    • I wouldn’t call it “very Miami”.

      It looks nice…just like any number of generic blue sets around the country.

      Glad they updated the set a bit but it makes me wonder how much money was spent on the “upgrade” that could have been used to hire real people with real experience instead of kiddies who no nothing about Miami.

  5. I agree with you Michael…The set is gorgeous and like nothing in this market or close…By far the best in town. Its an awesome set and anybody who says otherwise is just hating.

  6. @WSVN Producer: You are obviously a WTVJ hater. You’re finding any little thing to hate on them. When was the last time WSVN actually spent some money on a new set? It’s been quite a LONG time.

    I think the new set is amazing. As for the news coverage, give them time. They have new management and their newscasts have changed dramatically since a few months ago. I also noticed a huge improvement in their breaking news coverage……

    • Hey viewer,

      WSVN hasn’t bought a new set because they know how little it matters. People don’t watch news for set design. They really don’t care about them. They care about the people talking to them. That’s the connection.

      New sets and graphics do nothing for ratings.

      WSVN doesn’t have a new set, but they have more than triple the reporters, cameramen, live trucks and staff.

      And no one has been laid off at WSVN like they have been at WTVJ. Sets or jobs? Hmmm. WSVN says jobs.

      As far as breaking news is concerned, for WTVJ to just get a single breaking story covered is an improvement.

      The product sucks, set or no set. Everyone hopes it will get better, but it just sucks and has for a long time. Sorry. It’s not our fault.

  7. WSVN is more eyecandy and sensationalism left and right. Don’t say they don’t report on wheelchairs going down a flight of stairs, random plastic surgery procedure, or bizarre video. They always do. They hype the crap out of a rain shower ffs! They gotta fill those unnecessary hours of news somehow! WTVJ is finally doing something right, they are actually covering news now. They have more than 2 trucks, they share with WSCV but what’s the big deal? They’re covering the same market and can do live shots for both stations just bring the talent from both to the scene or share. 2 reporters do work for WSCV and WTVJ now. They are bouncing back. It’s not going to be instantaneous, but they are definitely on the right track.

  8. I agree that WTVJ has a talent and news-gathering problem. NBC can’t seem to put 2 and 2 together. WTVJ insists on keeping Jackie Nespral. NBC has received plenty of back-lash over Ann Curry being removed as co-host of Today, and the dismissal of long-time WNBC anchor Sue Simmons.

    WTVJ made the terrible mistake in canning Joel Connable and Kelly Craig. Julia Yarbough was a great journalist, but left on her own accord. I could picture Kelly coming back… not sure that Joel and/or Julia would want to come back. Tony Segreto and Bob Mayer have since retired from TV news. I agree that Adam is more suited for sports anchoring, and really doesn’t need to be anchoring evening news. Trina, Pam, and Sharon are good and very likeable WTVJ talents. IMO, Trina is more suited for weather forecasting.

    WTVJ has a great looking set, and this was very sorely needed. Clickspring did an excellent job in the design of this new set.

    • Trina can’t even get through the weather. Her delivery is just bad & her “stuffed-up nose” voice seems to have gotten better but I still find her to be extremely annoying. The more air time they have given Ryan Phillips and Jennifer Reeves coming back was a move in the right direction. But they still have a very long way to go.

      With the exit of most of their good staff and all the dry & stiff new reporters, WTVJ definately has a talent problem

  9. The set looks good. The animations are decent. The lower-thirds look cheap and generic. WTVJ has had much better lower-thirds in the past. The new “6” logo is the worst part of the new look. Looks like a flat, cardboard cutout.

  10. KNBC dismissed Jennifer Bjorklund who was an anchor I loved when she co-anchored Today in LA. Her replacement Alycia Lane is horrible. So this NBC dismissal binge is nothing new. WTVJ has a nice set, improvement over the last one that they had for over a decade.

  11. Other than the 5 & 6PM montage that TMBtD posted on YouTube. I’ve seen 11PM montage, along with morning montage, and 11AM montage… also posted by TMBtD. Love it.

  12. New set looks great and so does Jackie! Wow! Was totally expecting something tacky, but they finally did something right over there.

  13. The graphics with the new look F is real impressive and from what I know they are the only station with the look to actually change the colors from blue to orange that have the look.

    The set was seriously needed after using their first set in Miramar for over 12 years. Granted the old set had a good life in it but it was time for it to go and now this set will probably get another good 12 years before another change. If you look closely behind the weather wall, you can see portions of the newsroom behind the Weather Team 6 video row. So they extended the studio to where the old newsroom desk was in Miramar.

    Music is probably the most unique about this whole entire makeover and it really gets the newscast moving as serious. Granted I love the 360 package that NBC O&Os WCAU and WMAQ have, but I am glad they did not go that route or kept the NBC Collection or went to LA Groove. This theme fits SOUTH FLORIDA like a glove.

    The makeover though is just a start and now with the talent coming together lets see what will happen. I will make a prediction that if everything works out alright that they will possibly overtake WFOR and plug themselves into a big race with WPLG and WSVN.

    And to WSVNProducer: WSVN has ran a tried and true formula for there newscasts with mainly the same 10-15 stories per every 30 minutes of news and then repeat in the afternoon and morning with different anchor shifts. I seriously can’t watch Today in Florida because of that issue. I mean really you get weather/traffic/and then 5-7 stories and then weather/traffic again in 15 minutes and then the remainder of the stories and then wash rinse repeat go at it again till 10 AM and then the same for NOON. Also the same for a majority of the afternoon newscasts.

  14. I can’t seem to understand why TV stations have that habit of repeating and recycling news stories on their newscasts. I’ve noticed that with WSB in Atlanta… and WSB being the top-rated local newscast in Atlanta, as well as a legacy station. WSB’s star anchor Monica Kaufman Pearson will be retiring next Wednesday (July 25) after 37 years.

    I’m hoping that WTVJ is finally getting it together. I could see WTVJ (and WSCV) relaunching its own ENG helicopter “Sky 6” in the coming months, and not having to rely on WPLG and WFOR. Maybe WTVJ adding a 4:30AM half-hour to its morning newscast, and maybe moving midday news from the 11AM hour to Noon, with 6 In The Mix at 12:30PM.

    WTVJ theme music: “The NBC Collection” by Gari needed to go. Many had speculated WTVJ getting “NBC O&O Package” by 360 or “L.A. Groove” by Groove Addicts. I’m not sure if “The Tower V.3” by 615 would’ve worked on WTVJ… which I believe is a good theme. We have yet to find out the name of this new WTVJ theme.

    • I would have thought Tower v.4 would have worked better than v.3. V.3 is too orchestral for it to work here in South Florida. It is more than likely a custom piece so chalk this as the WTVJ 2012 Theme

  15. The major problem with WTVJ is they destroyed a great thing. In the TV business, it’s not about what is good for the viewers or what is right. It’s about making money any which way you can. NBC6 had some great reporters who gave an identity to the station. Bob Mayer, Lonnie Quinn, Joel Connable, Kelly Craig, Julia Yarborough, Michael Williams, Tony Segreto, Nick Bogert, Jeff Burside, Amara Sohn, Sharon Lawson and Ari Odzer all had a presence and did a good job at keeping viewers attention, covering the news well and giving NBC an identity. Over the past six or seven years, they got rid of Michael Williams because he spoke up and wanted to do what was right and cover improtant news. For the idiot managers like Yvette Miley, Iilyas Kirmani and several others, this intimidated them and they had to get rid of anyoen who was smart. Then, NBC6 got rid of Tony, Bob and Nick because they felt they were too old and too expensive. Joel Connable was then let go becasue he made too much money and soon Kelly followed. These accredited journalists were replaced by unknowns. The new reporters may not be awful but they give the station no brand and no identity. Then there were th ehires that were purely based on race. In the TV news business, if your black, you don’t have to have talent. Demarco Morgan was a pet project of Yvette Miley. He was awful but promoted becasue he was black. Josh Landon, a convicted drunk driver, promoted as a reporter becasue he was black. Several managers at NBC were hired due to race or sexual orientation and not because of talent. The fundamental problem at NBC is they have to rebuild almost everything. The set look great but the news coverage is not. Reporters do not tell good stories. The investigative team is gone. Look at Jackie Nespral one night. She spends more time looking at herself in the monitor below the camera everytime they toss to commercial or say a tease. When news breaks, Jackie is lost.A great station is built over a lifetime. You make very few changes and cover the news well. Channel 10 and 7 do this well. They keep the same people and same style of news and people get comfortable with it. NBC6 changes things over and over again and you can’t follow what they are all about. The death of NBC started with Yvette Miley. Now she has been promoted to MSNBC because she is black and gay and threatened to sue NBC for discrimination if she wasn’t promoted. They need to get some well known people back on air at NBC6 and that will help turn the tide.

    • WSVN Producer: Some of what you say has merit, but you ruin your credibility when you don’t get your facts straight. Tony and Bob both chose to retire… had nothing to do with the station getting “rid” of them. Nick Bogert resigned to move to Chicago because of family reasons… he didn’t even get the severance package other reporters got who were let go at the same time, because it was on his own accord. Joel Connable was asked to leave, not because he made too much money, but because he had behaved unethically regarding company policy of kickbacks etc… how do you think he made the relationships for the new field he is in now? This is all public knowledge, and any WTVJ employee can substantiate it. And Julia… yes a great anchor. But a total wackjob. She self-admits she left to spend time trying to find a husband. And now has made a business out of it. WTVJ did not “get rid” of these people, they left due to life decisions, which happens. Unfortunately, they have replaced them with uber-crappy talent. They will not get these people back, because those folks left news for their personal reasons and are happier now. Just please get your facts straight before you broadcast rumors and lies.

  16. I also believe that former general manager Ardyth Diercks played a part in ridding WTVJ of competant and likeable talents as well. Diercks, along with Yvette Miley, and several others pretty much stunk up the joint. WTVJ being the house that Ralph Renick built, and to see his legacy being tarnished is beyond dispickable, in my opinion.

  17. Clearly, this has become a place for some to slander WTVJ. The fact is they have a new corporate owner that is investing in its future as many local news operations are cutting back. TVJ has suffered it’s cuts too. Bottom line is that it’s now a work on progress, and for anyone who would dare put wsvn in its username and defend it as a standard of journalism in this town should not only be not taken seriously, but ignored. Numbers and staff will never equal truth.

  18. Putting lipstick on a pig does not turn it into anything else. The graphics are the pits and the new background looks like many I have seen in minor market stations. But the biggest failure is the dregs of what was once a news staff. Covering the news requires more than waiting for viewers to e-mail their YouTube clips. Used to be WTVJ had journalists running the show and gathering news so the talking heads could appear intelligent. Now that the news-gathering has been decimated to save $$, it is glaringly apparent how truly empty the heads of Nespral and the other talking heads are. Time to dump the aging beauty queen without a brain and the rest of the idiots who cant put together a coherent sentence (like Trina).
    But then again, all Comcast cares about is ratings so with the Olympics on, the shortcomings will remain hidden for a while.

  19. I’m hoping that Comcast can and will try to turn things around at WTVJ for the better. WTVJ needs an investigative unit on its newscasts, and investigative reporting during February, May, July, and November sweeps. WPLG calls their investigative unit “The Problem Solvers”… and I’m guessing that WFOR calls theirs “The I-Team”. Don’t know about other investigative unit monikers… “Whistle Blower” or “On Your Side”.

    As for likeable talents, like Kelly Craig… it would remain to be seen if NBC and Comcast would be willing to rehire her… if it could bring back viewers.

  20. The best anchor team for NBC6 right now would be Kelly Craig, Joel Connable with Lonnie Quinn doing weather and Adam Kupersten doing sports. I don’t watch them and I don’t care how nice their set is. The food they serve is awful.

  21. @WSVN producer Don’t get me wrong, I think 7 has great people and news. However it’s time to get some “good” graphics and also re-do the newsplex. Both of these things are out of date, and the graphics that were recently released don’t even match some of the previous graphics that are still used on the screen, example the old time and temperature stamp and LIVE banner with the new lower banner where the name and location is recognized doesn’t even look good together. It’s time for 7 to amaze South Florida, like it always has.

  22. Mr. Producer, bet you got your Position because you are not black. You sound like a hater on all fronts. Go do your job at doing nothing that is benefitting mankind cause running your fat criticizing mouth will get you no farther than where you are. Just shut the F up.


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