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Video of the Day: Broward Lobbyist Freaks Out on WPLG’s Bob Norman


Watch as (starts at 2:20) this Broward County lobbyist freaked on Norman after he attempted to go around him on an escalator so he can get to Sun Recycling executive Phil Medico and ask him about alleged illegal dumping done by his company.


  1. How does stand your grown law apply to .because theres my husband in the broward countynmain jail .illegally unjust arrest .racial profile play the major role in the u
    njust arrest. his name is vernon ray carey ,arrest number is 500904512 he,s been incaserated for 3 years he been to trial it was a miss trial .loolicking for the media to expose this to the public . My contact number is 745.273 1745

  2. The discovery tells about all the inconsistancy .the transcript tells you rthe victim died from preexisting condition .the doctor said in
    cross that the hospital is at fault of the victi

  3. Victum death .my hus band is being treated unfairly with the sttorney he doest speak with my husband at thd jail only when in court he,s making deals with proscutor the judge feclsred the 1trial a mistri
    al the judge wont treat him fairly it,s racisl profile someone need to look at the discovery and the transcript from the 1st trial

  4. Sorry about the spelling .cant see well .were looking for media to get involved look at the whole case the whole discovery the medical part of the discovery that something my husdand havent recieve yet and he been incarcerated f 3years for something he did

  5. Please im asking the media an the public to get Involved this case will prove that the broward county sheriff department and there system are corrupt .it will also show you how the stero type black young men they got my husbamd in jail hes a innocent man an the lord god no he not guilty they no hes innocent also even other attorneys said it also iv spoken with bennamin crump he looink into the case ive spoken with nancy grace from cnn news ive also email RevAl Sharpton seeking justice in the unjust arrest of Vernom Ray Carey. Free vernon carey well start s march formed around the the broward county sheriff department I will petition everyday he deserve to be treated fairly .not labled for his skin color it,s a story that need to be in the media my husband havent seen his lawyer while incoserated 4times and hes been to trial in december an havent spoken with him at all now they set the next trial for may 30 .not givin him a bond the lawyer want file any motion for my husband they treat him like he,s trash just trying to get some help please if you feel racial profile needs to end protest at broward sheriff department .contact me at 754-273-1745

  6. NThere is information that show retaliation in falsify record in civil cases that now involved false imprisonment. Commissioners hav all civil case to show the behavior of the court. On cynthia impetato , Sandra Pearlman ,Carlos rebollo ,Howard Forman, john Murphy ,Ian Richards , broward sheriff Scott Israel , ari porth , jqc docket 14-223 is the retaliate case in broward case #13-14526-cf10a double jeopardy falsifying case ,, using public defenders to violate violate all rights complaint filed. In the Florida bar case 14-51.270(17j) , now that there a federal civil case file against all parties us case. 14cv-60922jic , if you would lik to have a copy of all county contact me thru email send mailing address or contact info I would be glad to forward you that broward country commissionors recieve today thank u


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