WSVN Reporter Liz Nagy Arrested

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WSVN reporter Liz Nagy was arrested early Monday morning. According to the arrest information SFLTV obtained, Nagy was booked at 03:41am for “driving while license suspended/with knowledge”. What appears to be a preliminary bond shows as $1000 but it could change, and she’s yet to bond out as of 10am this morning.


  1. This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever see you guys post. The equivalent of a speeding ticket? Why does that warrent gossip column headlines other than to embarass the poor woman?

  2. Her record shows a couple minor traffic violations. She probably missed a court date working WSVN’s notoriously long days. Big deal.

  3. Doesn’t the HR department check this stuff out when an employee is hired? Or are there quarterly reviews to make sure these interference’s do not happen? Seems like it the negative press could have been avoided.

  4. I wonder why she was pulled over at 341 am, something else triggered that…odd time to be getting pulled over considering she doesn’t work the early show.

    bad judgement on her part to be driving on a suspended license, possible bigger story on what was going at 341 am.

    • It says she was BOOKED at 3:41 not pulled over. I worked in law enforcement. Those kinds of things take a long time. My guess is she was stopped sometime after the 11pm show was over. I think they started late last night anyway because of football. So realistically you’re looking at sometime around 1am. Big deal.

      • fair enough about the actual time she was pulled over but as a person in law enforcement you know there are bigger issues:

        1. Why was she pulled over?
        2. Was she knowingly driving on a suspended license?
        3. What caused the license to be suspended in the first place?

        To the person that thinks its ok to drive on a suspended license because its an emergency, the law has no provisions for that.

  5. Yes the shows go on very late when there is baseball, so there is nothing sinister about that time of morning. Give the girl a break.

  6. If your driver’s licence isn’t valid, you should not be near the steering wheel of any vehicle. The attorney I work for is handling a case in which a woman was arrested for the same crime and has other traffic offenses in multiple counties. I honestly have no sympathy for anyone who breaks the law and knows that they are breaking the law.

    • Not a valid license doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how to drive overnight, and anyone who has driven in Miami-Dade knows half the people on the road should instead be on a bus.

      • I never said she doesn’t know how to drive. The law is clear that you cannot operate a vehicle without a valid driver’s license.

        • Actually you CAN operate a motor vehicle without a valid license; the fact that she was pulled over while operating a motor vehicle without having valid license proves that.

          The law doesn’t override physics or invoke magic. What the law says is that it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle without a valid license. It does not say it cannot be done, only that you’re not allowed to, and that you’ll be punished if you do.

  7. I love how people would just assume its sinister. Maybe there’s a medical condition that keeps her from driving and she had an emergency and had to go visit a friend or family. No one will ever really know and this is such a minor infraction it would never be publicized if she weren’t on TV. If a Herald reporter were stopped for the same thing it would never be an issue.

  8. She broke the law.

    Worse yet, she knowingly broke the law!

    There is no excuse for what she did.

    She is not above the law and is an example of why insurance rates are so stupidly high in South Florida!

    I’m glad they caught her.

    Now she can deal with the consequences!

  9. Oh, so because she’s charged with knowingly breaking the law that must mean that’s all fair and true? Ha! Charges are accusations, not proven facts. Think you could never screw up or make a mistake, think again.

    • This one will be easy to prove, she was pulled over and booked for operating a vehicle on a suspended license.

      Was the license suspended-YES
      Was she driving the vehicle on the suspended license-YES
      Case Closed-YES

      • Not so fast – you have to prove that she KNEW her license was suspended before you can claim she KNOWINGLY broke the law.

        It is, in fact, possible that she didn’t know. Unlikely? Perhaps. But still possible.

        I know that I’ve had mail sent back from my correct address because the mailman didn’t drive to the end of the street to see my mailbox.

        Doesn’t mean that the law wasn’t broken, only that she may not have intended to break it.

        • If she was arrested for DWLS (driving while license suspended), she knew it was suspended. Florida changed that law a couple of years ago. Someone has to have knowledge (court adjudication / notice, prior citation for DWLS, mutiple suspensions, etc.) that their license is suspended to be physically arrested. If they don’t have knowledge , they receive a non-criminal citation (then proving that she has knowledge for any future violations.) While not all that big a deal, it is irresponsible of her. And yes, she is very attractive. : )

          • Correct, this notion that she didn’t know won’t fly in the courtroom. Ignorance is no defense and yes the law was changed.

            Why was the license suspended in the first place?

            We know she was driving on a suspended license, we think she was busted from a license plate scanner based on someones post so that’s good if true and there wasn’t some other criminal activity. Last piece if the puzzle is, what caused the license to be suspended, once we have that then we can move on.

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  10. i think all the facts need to come out first….should someone really lose their job over this???…….i hope not she is really hot….would hate to see her go!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. You’d get fired no matter what you were arrested for? That’s bulk shit and could only happen in TV because of employer-sided contracts. Haven’t seen details, but online records indicate she might have screwed up and forgotten to pay a speeding ticket. She was probably scared out of her mind like all the rest of us otherwise law-abiding people would be.

  12. If Louie can get away with naked grindr pics than Liz should be fine with this very minor traffic violation.

  13. She was on her way home frm one ogf wsvn’s notoriously long days – at 12:30. 3:41 was the time she was booked. She did exactly nothing illegal to get pulled o. The police report makes clear a license scanner was alerted to her tag. Why a misdemeanor traffic violation merits a blog is beyond me. She’s not Lindsey Lohan. This is not news.

    • why was the license suspended in the first place?

      why is she driving on a suspended license?

      this calls for a derek hayward investigation or maybe she needs a help me howard to get out of this mess

      • None of your business, Joe R. If you were busted on your way home for something as minor as having a suspended license, no blog would print it. Just because she reports the news for a teacher’s salary doesn’t mean she’s a public figure who’s asking for this kind of scrutiny or that you have the right to know. Same as for you if you were in her spot. How self-righteous people can be just because someone’s job means you recognize her face. It’s really appalling.

  14. Foolish rumormongers, speculation addicts, and commentators that enjoy displacing there own legal/personal issues by pointing fingers at others, give clear implication there is something. wrong with you. Its nonsense when you can devote that useless time in something productive such as raising issues that can impact and improve the lives of others. …as if you are a saint.. I know Liz personally and can say without hesitation, she deserves more support. I also know she doesn’t allow these STUPID comments get to her.

    • Its tough to support people that break the law and drive on suspended licenses, especially if she knew and by definition of the law she knew. Look, its not like she went out and committed some heinous act her whats wrong with discussing something that is in the public record.

  15. WHY DID CHANNEL 7 REPORT ON THIS? Rick Sanchez was drunk, ran over a guy . The guy was a veg for the rest of his life finally died. DID they report on that NO, they covered it up. Drive with a supended license BIG DEAL. Maybe she didn’t even know it was supended.. probably forgot to pay a ticket who knows who cares….

  16. guess all is well with her job she is still on wsvn…good news….by the way if she needs a ride i have no problem helping her out!!!

  17. she is piece of ass no doubt but very flat chested.fits right in at wsvn.i think thats a requirement in order to get the job…..

  18. And the award for pig of the year goes to … She’s a sweet professional doing her job, and you managed to write that on her birthday. Shame.

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