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WTVJ Set Teardown is Going on Right Now


yes some of you noticed WTVJ are broadcasting the newscasts from a different location, the old set is being torn down way for something new and shiny.

I for one cannot wait to see what it’s going to look like, been too long. They need at least a little shot in the arm so to speak


  1. Yep! A sure sign of new managers!
    Tear down the old set and spend big bucks on a new one!
    A quick way to look like you’re doing something to get ratings and offer viewers a better show, when the reality is, all you’ve done is change the cereal box on the same old cereal.

  2. First of all: Bill– chill. At the local level, Comcast is reinstating investigative and consumer units; adding equipment, technology, staff and programming. The set and graphics are just icing on the cake. Big stations first, now comes Miami.
    Second, someone please post pictures!


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