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WFLX, Dish Network in Retrans Fee Dispute


WFLX and Dish Network are in a retrans fee dispute, again. Actually, it’s between WFLX parent company Raycom Media pushing to get a raise on the monthly fee viewers pay. The two companies have reached an impasse and WFLX has gone dark on Dish, and predictably the station is asking viewers to call Dish Network and complain.

We regret that WFLX is no longer available on your DISH Network service.

We realize this means you are missing the FOX29 Ten O’Clock News, all of your favorite FOX programming, and NFC Football, and we apologize for the interruption.

But DISH is still charging you for our signal, so you are still paying for it!

Why pay for a blank screen?

Call DISH at (800) 823-4929 and tell them to give you a credit or rebate!

You pay 100% of your cable/satellite bill – so you should get 100% of your channels!

We are going to keep working to resolve this matter with DISH.

But you don’t have to wait. You Have Choices.

WFLX remains available on Comcast, DirecTV, and AT&T U-Verse, and we are always available for free over the air.

Please call DISH at (800) 823-4929, tell them you want WFLX back on the system, or ask them for a rebate!

Thank you for your viewership and support. Please check back here regularly for updates.

Of course WFLX aren’t sharing the most important detail, that their parent company is demanding more money from Dish Network’s customers – likely $1 per month – for signal they can get for free, and regardless of whether or not they watch the station at all.


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