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WFOR Adds Third Anchor to Mornings


Summer Knowles WFOR CBS 4 MiamiWFOR have added a third anchor to their weekday morning newscast. Summer Knowles is now part of the morning anchor team although she doesn’t sit permanently with Rhiannon and Josh, they have her reading the Top Stories and some of the other reports and segments. Knowles joined CBS 4 last year from KSLA, the CBS affiliate in Shreveport, LA where she anchored the morning and noon shows so she’s not new to anchoring.

And if it strikes you as interesting, it should. I guess. Some insiders see the move as copying WPLG who added MJ Acosta in March and then gave her similar duties on their morning program not long after. Reasoning aside, CBS4’s morning news actually do well in ratings, well enough that during May sweeps one SFLTV tipster confided their station was “sweating bullets” over how strong channel 4 was performing in the mornings.


  1. Summer is a great addition to the WFOR team. WFOR is definitely focusing on building their audience from those who decided to stop watching WPLG after their recent changes to their morning team.

    Now they need to promote Cynthia Demus to the permanent evening anchor position or if they want to go out and hire someone, they should bring back Beatriz Canals. Plus how about Trent Aric as their new Chief Meteorologist when David leaves later this Fall?

    I’m watching WFOR!

  2. Yet another silly rearranging of the deck chairs as this newsroom swirls down the drain.

    The ratings continue to prove they don’t have what it takes to cover news that people want to watch.

      • LOL What a joke! Their morning show is higher than their other newscast numbers……which are in the tank too! There is no real audience for that station’s newscast. If there was they wouldn’t be constantly telling people to take pay-cuts if they want a new contract. And they wouldn’t be hiring children who work for pennies to pump out college level news stories. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  3. Are ratings posted somewhere (all S FL stations)? I have yet to see or read anything.
    Are folks assuming they know who generates the best ratings and the worst?
    Simply curious where folks get their intel…

    Someone on this board knows something!! Speak up!

    • Yes. Where are the May sweeps ratings numbers? I would think this site would know where to get them then post. Finding out what their advertising rates are during the newscast usually tell it all. Lower viewer numbers mean lower rates generally.

  4. We never see them search the web and you will not FIND THEM. Everyone says the same excuse after excuse they have them or they know what the are. LOL !!!!! Yeah right keep dreaming we will never see the ratings for this market. I think it’s funny every other market you can find them, but NOT South Florida.

  5. Mr or Mrs Admin….you are in the business of “snooping” right?
    who can you call/txt/email/snail mail to get this intel? lol

    Anyway….speaking of snooping.
    Big news is breaking in S Fl today.
    I will let this naturally mature..
    It will be posted up shortly I bet….

  6. Cynthia Demos is the BOMB Anchor with flaavva!! They would make her main Anchor if they knew what was good for them down in Doral.

  7. I enjoy channel 4 morning news more now that summer knowles is an anchor. She seems smart and unscripted and delivers the news really well.


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