WSVN Releases Weather and Traffic Tracker App

WSVN Releases Weather and Traffic Tracker App

WSVN 7News

WSVN just released two new apps for Android users.

WSVN 7News Weather AppFirst, the long-awaited Android version of the 7Weather app that has been available to iPhone users for some time. It’s identical to the iOS version, and features a 7-day forecast with hour-by-hour conditions if you press on a particular day. A radar map with street-level zoom, radar loop, and hurricane and tropical storm track overlays. There are also direct links to a video forecast from WSVN’s meteorologists and the 7 Weather blog.



WSVN 7News Traffic Tracker AppThe 7 Traffic Tracker is the second app WSVN released. It’s powered by the very popular Beat the Traffic and provides real-time traffic information for major roads in South Florida, and beyond. You can add layers to the map for roadwork, incidents, traffic cameras, and see the traffic forecast for a given day or hour. Signing up for a free account, or connecting with Facebook, lets you add and store custom routes for personalized road reports, alerts and traffic predictions.


Google Play: [7 Weather] [7 Traffic Tracker] 




  1. Just what they needed to leave the other stations further in the dust. Let’s hope they don’t take their #1 rating for granted and slip into a cellar dweller like 10 has. Hard to believe 10
    was on top by a large margin only 5 years ago. Unprofessional personnel kill ratings.