CBS CEO says he can make the broadcast network cable only in a few days if Aereo prevails. CBS (and the other broadcast networks) are angry courts recently declared Aereo a legal service. The ruling prevents Aereo from being shut down, and prevents a local affiliate station like WFOR to extract as much as $1 per month from every TV paying subscriber like they do with cable and satellite TV customers because Aereo rents an actual over-the-air antenna to its subscribers.


WPLG Local 10 NewsWPLG are done with experimenting to see which anchors are working best by letting them “audition” over several weeks.

Post-Newsweek president Emily Barr allegedly didn’t think it was a good idea because it may confuse viewers so she put an end to it. By next week we should see what the permanent anchor teams are. Depending on who I talk to some say we’ll see big changes, while others believe nothing too radical should be expected.

The change probably has to do with ratings. The numbers for WTVJ have picked up since last year, their newscasts are a lot more watchable, and not as stale and drab as they were before the station unveiled a new set and studio in July of 2012. And then there’s WFOR, who as of late have promoted their weekday morning newscast as being the fastest growing.


fl_shannon_hori_smileFTVLive reports this morning WFOR anchor Shannon Hori will be leaving the station soon. According to the report management have decided not to renew her contract. Hori has been with WFOR since June 25, 2007 when she took over for Maggie Rodiguez who left to anchor ‘The Early Show’ on CBS. No word on who may be taking over for Shannon Hori yet but Maggie has been out at CBS since 2010 perhaps there are plans afoot to bring her back to WFOR.