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Johnny Diaz from the SunSentinel has a story on social media and how viewers are connecting to TV talent. If you guessed that people have a lot to say and love giving a piece of their mind to the people they watch on TV you are correct. And even more unsurprising, often they are jerks. WSVN’s Lynn Martinez admits that the harsh criticism people lob at her about what she wears or her hair style affects her.

What I thought was even more interesting, Kelley Dunn from WPTV told Johnny Diaz she follows back with people who leave negative comments on her Facebook page and even calls some of them on the phone!

[Critiques at 11: TV Anchors get critical feedback]


WPTV must be preparing for Jim Sackett’s departure because this week they changed their anchor lineup.

The station is introducing Michael Williams to viewers by pairing him with Kelley Dunn at 5:30pm, leaving Shannon Cake and Jay Cashmere as anchors of the 5pm newscast on WPTV and the 10pm on WFLX. Dunn will continue to anchor the 6pm and 11pm newscasts with Jim Sackett who is expected to retire soon.

The change should also help ease Shannon Cake’s work load, which allegedly became an issue after they appointed her anchor of the late news on WFLX in addition to already anchoring at 5:30pm and being WPTV’s investigative reporter.


Another week another round of voting for SunSentinel’s South Florida Celebrity Smackdown to find out who newsrooms readers think is South Florida’s biggest media celeb.

Still left standing are:

Shannon Hori/Antonio Mora WFOR vs Lynn Martinez/Louis Aguirre WSVN
Pam Giganti/Bob Mayer WTVJ vs Joe Rose (!) WTVJ
Paul & YoungRon vs Jimmy Cefalo WIOD (formerly WPLG sports director)
Michael Yo vs Ryan Lieber WPTV

You have until Monday August 3rd to vote for your favorites

Who got canned in round 2? Jump and have a look


Uh ohs!
The Palm Beach Post’s Page 2 reports that freshly bounced Laurel Sauer may not get a glitzy send off from her station. When asked for comment Sauer told Page 2 “I can’t comment, I just hired a lawyer”. Ow! We wonder what’s up.

Page 2 says she was either fired or quit, depending on whom you ask. Her lawyer says they’re “exploring their options”.

When Sauer was removed from the 11pm at WPEC in 1988 and left the station she filed a breach-of-contract lawsuit which was later dismissed.

Sauer was also removed from WPTV’s 11pm newscast last fall and replaced by Kelley Dunn

WPTV-ers what have you heard? What’s all this drama about?