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Splitsville for NBC6’s Martha Sugalski and her husband


The Palm Beach Post is reporting WTVJ-NBC6 anchor Martha Sugalski has filed for divorce from her husband Craig Minervini who’s a sports commentator for the Marlins. Or something like this.

Palm Beach Post
Home stand comes to an end


  1. Man….who saw this coming. Martha is a hottt piece of a**, but with 3 kids….good luck on finding a man with that baggage!

  2. ib agreeing. She is a hottie. He, if I were into men as it were, is good too. They must have good looking kids. Hopefully they are able to put this trying time behind them soon.

  3. Martha “has to leave after the kids are asleep”! What a joke! She parties it up, loosely, with all the Weston men- no wonder it’s so “uncomfortable” at home. Poor Craig. Sleeze- Homestead without makeup.

  4. Weston Girl defenitley knows what she is talking about. Totally loose if truth be told. Craig totally got a raw deal. He can do better.

  5. Please share some inside info, for those in the know. What have you seen with your own eyes and what is just neighborhood gossip?? 😀

  6. C’mon weston girl. you can’t attack someone without some details. or maybe 2Blond knows something.. Or maybe you are just jealous of her hot looks..

  7. Martha isn’t all that hot. Elita Loresca on the other is the model of hotness especially in her tight morning attire. Back to martha. How do we know that Craigs boyfriend didn’t make her uncomfortable at home on those nights? Or that her psycho outbursts were not making him too comfortable which left her uncomfortable in the end? Whatever the case just another sad divorce and nothing more. Now this bitch is single with 3 kids in tow while he is cruising from town to town bangin’ broads all over the place. Life’s great!

  8. Ony someone that thinks the “too much” surgery Elita which can barely do her job is hot would leave a post like this.

  9. The truth is you are ignorant. It’s really “Elita who can barely…” not “which can barely”. Got it? Good! Elita is outstanding at her job all around. Leave her be and cease with your vicous postings or get brain surgery quickly.

  10. Does anyone thing Martha is replying to these emails?
    Some sound quite defensive. My, oh my.
    As far as the gossip goes, there must be some if people are responding to this website because is it certainly not her talent that is drawing people here. Public arguements prove that psycho business.
    And I have to agree with Weston girl about being without makeup and the large body doesn’t help. Notice how when Julia is standing they show all of her body but Martha’s lower half is always hidden!

  11. i’m fully in Craig’s court. he’s an honest hard working guy who will always do what’s right for his family. martha’s loss and an incredible gain for the lucky girl who gets to be with him someday.

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