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Life after WTVJ; Future For On-Air Talent


Counting the WTVJ on-air talent only, NBC6 gives a paycheck to about 30 anchors/reporters. Miami is not a TV market that’s hiring. So, when NBC6 news closes its doors, where will the employees go?

In a recent station meeting, NBC6 GM informed the anchors that they can all look for other jobs within NBC, without violating their contracts. Here is what some of the on-air talent at WTVJ is planning to do. Tony Segreto is considering retirement. Inside sources tell me that Bob Mayer has asked for early retirement, although no one knows what answer he got. It seems certain that both Tony and Bob’s last on-air talent job will be at WTVJ. Paul Deanno is looking for a new job, but like Joel Connible, is under brand-new contract. If Post Newsweek doesn’t want them, they will get a fat check in the mail for two years of anchor work, so I doubt they’re really loosing sleep over what happens. Long time WTVJer, Kelly Craig, is considering going into radio, depending on what happens with this. She has been filling in on some morning radio show.

Everyone is just waiting to hear what Post Newsweek plans to do, and that uncertainty has everyone at WTVJ on edge.  When this is all over, I don’t think people will go to other stations in town, since no one is hiring. There are a lot of reporters at NBC6  that just don’t have the experience and I don’t think other stations would want to hire them… i.e. Gray Hall, Tisha Lewis, Ian Wood. This is already been dragged out. I say, shame on Post-Newsweek! At least tell the employees of WTVJ that you plan to fire them! Most have families, kids, and need to start to make plans. The earlier, the better! There is really no need for you to keep everyone wondering, and causing this panic.


  1. Sure, it would be nice if management told everyone what was going on, but what businesses do that anymore? Especially in these times, everyone’s job is tenuous, and that’s in virtually any field. Witness the recent abrupt business closings where people show up to work only to find the company’s gone.

  2. Wouldn’t a prudent business look to keep strong, well-regarded on-air talent and let the chaff blow away in the wind? WaPo’s reputation was built in news. Any decent reporters at WTVJ should be preserved, not limited to Pam Giganti, Ari Odzer, Patricia Andreu, etc. WaPo had better preserve the quality people it gains in this deal, or Channel 4 will likely benefit from getting well-identifiable faces to beef up their crew. I bet they’ll hire a Julia Yarbough.

  3. Certainly, the folks at tvj had to know that their jobs are tenuous, and have already been looking elsewhere.
    Tony Segreto and Bob Mayer should retire, as they’ve had a good run, and this kind of thing happens in business all the time. Maybe they too can do some radio gigs, since they won’t likely leave the area.
    Jackie can go to one of the Spanish stations.

  4. Chuck,
    Well regarded talent? Chuck, no one regarded the talent you mentioned very well because no one watched them. The viewers voted Ch6 off the island.

    They are going to get toasted. It makes no business sense to keep the talent. Just the people you mentioned is at least a half million in salary savings by getting rid of them. And no one wants to pay anyone who doesn’t bring in ratings anymore. WPLG is cutting back too, they are not growing their news. It was just a couple years ago that they dropped an afternoon show.

    Maybe Jackie Nespral can report on Saturday mornings for Ch10. She could do cute little weekend features like crafts fairs.

  5. Ha! You honestly think that after Weekend Today, and years in the top anchor spot, she would do “cute weekend features” for Local 10? That’s funny. She would move out of state, or go up to NY and do MSNBC before she does that.

  6. If channel 10 does not keep Jackie Nespral, then I would like to see her work for a spanish news station down here. Obviously Jackie would command big bucks so maybe Univision 23 or Telemundo 51 would be in the running for her services.
    I would like to see Jackie at Noticias 23 paired up with Mario Andres Moreno. His weekend co-anchor, Gloria Ordaz, is a pretty-face and decent reporter, but lacks chemistry with Mario Andres. Perhaps Jackie and Mario Andres would have pretty good chemistry and having Jackie work on weekends only would be a good lifestyle fit for her. These are just my opinions, and not even rumors, and very far from reality…but just some observations. Anyone care to comment?

  7. Paul Deanno should replace the chief met at WFOR. I think that would be a much better fit. He has personality.
    Julia Y should move to WFOR and do the noon and 530 with Elliot – while Erika and Jawan should report for the earlies and anchor the 10.
    What do you think?


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