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Live, From the Fear-Plex!


Round up the kids, buy your 83-trillon gallons of water, stock up on the canned food, and fill your gas tank!…. a powerful thunderstorm is on its way?  Well, South Florida is kind-of getting its first storm in two years. That means non-stop news. Great! Do you remember two years ago, tropical storm Ernesto? They went to 24 hour “Fear-Plex” style news… A live shot comes on from some anchor in Miami and….? It’s barely a sun shower. My advice to new Floridians, stay calm. The news (as you will soon find out) will lead you to believe the nuclear holocaust is here. Just stay inside, and you should be fine. For long residents of South Florida like me, this is good practice. Stock up on the water, and treat this with caution. Stay safe everyone!


  1. Smart. I’m covering this storm, without anyone named Shannon or Belkys to go hyper. (Although the former, has a calmer approach!)

  2. ive been watching 7news online constantly since about 8 this am, say what you want, its great to watch, and belkeys has been a trip. i miss living in miami, crystal clear 7 is a lot better than streaming 7

  3. I really didn’t find this “fear-plex” complex as some of you may have seen it. I’ve been watching it since last night. For the most part, there was just a level of asserting some uncertainty and their stress for people to be prepared. After that, i just got a kick out of watching steve shapiro crack jokes while people were getting free sand and watching the shock on all of the new guys faces when they were put out in the storm.

    Best reality show evar!!!1111eleven1!!

  4. I love this site, but I would love it so much more if you were able to get Vanessa Medina talking to a bike rider saying “Why are you here” & my man saying ” I wanna be on TV” or poor Richard Jordan & little Rene Marsh getting destroyed by islamaroda winds.

  5. WSVN coverage was good,Shapiro was funny cracking jokes, the entire 7news Team lived up the name “The Storm Station”

  6. I am sooo mad!! I made a fake Sweetwater ID to get free sand bags….what am I going to do with all the sand bags on the 13th flooor of a APT in FT LAUDERDALE NOW!

  7. Why exactly would you really need sand bags? You’re on the 13th floor… That’d be a hell of a flood. Are you talking about sandbags for rain that blows in, or something?…

  8. They are clearly pulling your leg, Alex.

    Loved it when Vanessa Medina tried to question the bicyclist. I think even Chaz Billi was in disbelief that someone other than him was being so aggressive in the field! Great television!

  9. 7’s been pretty chill, not like the old days when they’d get nuts over a storm… everyone’s been pretty even keel actually

  10. No matter what anyone says, ever single station had that typical, we freak out a little because this is a storm. 7 had some really bad reporters out there from Q Mcray to that Rene girl….they were clueless and a little too serious abt it all. I guess there is no other choice, since you have to cover the storm for the people it will affect and if you don’t cover it, you are no serving the public. NBC did a good job, except I think they over did it with their weather people. They must have spent 20 min on each half hour newscast just forecasting. It was a little much. I bet NBC leads though in ratings because of the Olympics.

  11. I watched Paul Deanno and he is one huge schmuck. Why does he speak down to viewers? I love John Gerrard, but they always stick him in the second spot. I think John is more genuine.

  12. Bgerran

    That’s part of the enjoyment of watching 7. They put the n00bs out there to suffer the hurricane. You get to watch the panic and uncertainty on their face on live television. Unfortunately, Julie Derda didn’t spend much time outside. I was really hoping to see her bust her butt on tv as the new weather anchors are usually the first thrown to the wolves.

    IMO, the biggest loser in this hurricane coverage was local 10. Max Mayfield was unfortunately the biggest waste of time. He was a great director of the national hurricane center but unfortunately he does not make agood television personality. He has zero stage presence, very little charisma and really was not allowed to put out any of his opinions. He was reduced to doing 60 second interviews with the new director of the national hurricane center. yay……

    CBS4 may have just won for the most shocking clip as they caught the kite surfer flying out of the water, bouncing off the sea shore and then going face first into a building. Now that’s money!

  13. I think my favorite part of Hurricanes is the “Team” effort by the news stations. I don’t know what is funnier the Sports people talking about sandbagging. Or Louis on South Beach.

  14. I loved Vanesa Medina. Just cool as a cucumber. Most reporters have like goofy rain jackets, light blue. She is a total Diva. Stylin’ even in Fay. Out there in all black… HOT, HOT, HOT! I wanted her to take cover in my room. You go girl!

  15. I had to watch the man into the bldg clip, that was pretty good, serves him right though, it is a tropical storm. To me, the funniest thing on 7 was at about maybe 2pm EDT when steve shapiro told belkeys and craig pretty much that they should get their asses out of the “ivory tower” and see what a real reporter does. Also I gotta say, 7 was the only station to stream their newscasts live, i couldnt find it for CBS4 or WPLG, they only linked news conferences, etc.

  16. ratings


    7 11.7
    4 5.2
    10 3.8
    6 2.8


    7 12.0
    10 6.3
    4 4.7
    6 3.7


    7 10.0
    10 7.6
    4 5.3
    6 5.2


    7 10.0
    10 7.6
    4 5.3
    6 5.2


    7 8.3
    10 7.5
    6 7.2
    4 5.3

    7/10pm 9.3
    7/11pm 6.6
    10 7.0
    4 4.7
    6 olympics

  17. No surprise here in the ratings. Viewers turned to 7 and 10 and 4& 6 were trailing behind. Just like it always is.

    Ch 4 had the only real story of the storm which was the kid flying a kite video. Even with that 4 got murdered.

    Steve Shapiro was the best reporter. He wasn’t on Duval Street asking locals passing by why they didn’t evacuate (what is more brain dead than that?). he wasn’t standing on the beach holding a stupid wind meter. He didn’t take it seriously at all, because he knew this was not all that serious. He ridiculed the anchors and let the viewers know that the Sweetwater flooding thing is a joke. It would only be news in Sweetwater if it DIDN’T flood. Shapiro was entertaining. The others were dancing around in the rain drops like kids unwrapping Christmas presents. They were useless bores with even more useless info.

    Would someone at 7 please tell their female reporter in Key West how tides work? She said at a noon report that it was low tide and that the tide wouldn’t rise until midnight. Last time I checked tides run every six hours. If it takes 12 hours for the tide to rise than the earth is off its axis and we probably have bigger problems than a hurricane. In a city by the ocean it seems some 3rd grade knowledge about tides may be in order for some of these reporters.

  18. i think shapiro was awesome, having fun with belkys and craig.
    but they’ve been out in storms years ago. probably the only prime time anchors who’ve been out there and gotten wet covering a storm. ever see jackie? or laurie? or mora as a reporter covering a storm?

  19. Yes 7 news with Ms.Belkys Nerey and Lynn Martinez wipe the floors with the other stations. I can’t wait till Nov. Sweeps period to see how local 10 does. I’m thinking they wont be number 1 no more.

  20. Steve Shapiro and the Sweetwater mayor discussing how it was founded by a traveling circus of Russian midgets. lol

  21. But I got to say WSVN’s biggest issue is Phil Ferro, CANT STAND HIM!!!! The only saving grace in that weather team is Brent Cameron.
    I much prefer NBC6’s weather team, Paul is awesome, WPLG also has a good team, WFOR is a little weak but WSVN has to be the worst. Thsi is coming from a channel 7 fan.

  22. I’m warming up to Phil. However I like Brent also and Vivan is lookin hot these days. It’s like someone took her shopping and got her a new do and it looks SICKENNNNNNNNNNNNING.
    ( that’s a good thing in case u didn’t know)

  23. i’m really surprised that 7 got such huge ratings…i thought for sure that the overkill coverage (wall-to-wall from 5am to 8pm for this piddly storm) was going to turn viewers off…i was wrong…viewers were clearly turned on!

  24. I think channel 7 did a fabulous job covering the storm. Phil and his crew were the most informative of all stations and they were on even through the late hours. They are reliable in rough times.Congrats to you all and keep up the good work.

  25. Sorry, but if you think 7 is a quality news operation you are out of your freaking mind. Tony and Kelly together was a welcome relief from all the half-assed “anchors” in this market. 7 was, and is, for idiots.

  26. Kelly and Tony ? What a joke he is a screaming Idiot and she looks like a Sloppy mess. I wouldn’t watch NBC6 news evenif someone paid me to. As for the welcome relief of these two u better enjoy it while u can cause I hear Newsweek will be swing the AX on the whole crew soon.

  27. Thanks Chuck, As congrats go out to you for being NBC 6 Most loyal viewer. Now should I bake you a cake? Chocolate or strawberry and do you want me to make homemade icing for it? LOL LOL

  28. Diego and Chuck – you guys should be the new CW Morning Show.

    If you’re half as entertaining on TV as you are here, you’d blow the doors off every other morning newscast in the market.

  29. Joe,
    Now that would be a show. Can we count you as a viewer? Lastly, Do you think Chuck will let me be the star?

  30. Diego,

    Sure, I’ll watch – until you guys get boring. 🙂 I think Chuck should share equal billing with you so you two go at it more.

    And here’s an idea for your first show: Do “Will It Float” with Belkys as the first guest. Have some hot chicks hold her above the tank, then drop her in. Let’s see if she floats.

    So there ya go – a news/variety/comedy show would absolutely rule in the morning. I’ll let you know where to send the royalty checks…

  31. Now I’m intrigued, because-confession-I tried out for the show and “I’m not what they’re looking for.” Honestly, I choked the audition and stunk the place out. That doesn’t mean they have any idea what they’re doing. They advertised the “next Jon Stewart” is what they’re looking for. Well, does Jon do morning news? Does Jon write his own stuff, or is he assisted by at least ten outstanding minds? I guarantee you, had I not been struck with Mel Tillis-its, the material I wrote was way better than anyone else there. I know this because I heard Stephen Colbert tell almost the same joke the following Tuesday night. It was about the Olympic opening event, and the line was something to the effect that walking in air is no big deal in Beijing, because it’s thick enough for DeFede to walk on.
    I love the float idea. No, Belkys won’t…but Elita Loresca sure would have!!!

  32. Jackie Nespral at 7news? LOL LoL
    The only place she should be is at the Waffle House cleaning the bathrooms. I have never watched a bigger waste of talent than her. If I had money I would put her and Laurie Jennings on a boat and ship them FAR FAR away. Oh and I better not forget Laurie’s 2 makeup suitcases.

  33. Chuck

    You should have taken me. We could have showed out for those morons together. Let’s get together and create a tape and send it in. I’ll help u get the position.


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