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Tropical Storm Fay Ratings


Tropical Storm Fay ratings – Monday

                            NBC     WFOR   WPLG   WSVN

5am – 5:30am     2.0         1.7        1.0        3.5
5:30 – 6am          2.7         1.4        1.4       4.0
6 – 7am               5.5         1.1         3.3       9.4

               4.2          4.7         7.0      12.8
5pm                 5.2           5.8        7.0        10.5
6pm                  7.3          5.8         7.0        7.5
7pm                 6.1           4.8         8.0        8.5  
11pm             Not on       4.7        7.0       6.6
12am           11.6 down from a 17.3 during Olympics

Thank you to my e-mail tipster, and commenter “Please”


  1. I know she’s not the sole reason they got good ratings, But Vanessa Medina is beyond great she can be very serious in one story & have so much fun in others. I hope there is some correlation between her and viewership so 7 can get the message that Big Boobs isn’t the only way to grab viewers how about a personality with personality The Boobs don’t hurt though 😉

  2. how is this a blow to NBC6?
    ratings were expected to drop after Phelps-mania was over, and the Olympic coverage wasn’t live during primetime, but they’re still pulling higher numbers than previous games.

  3. yeah, FOR’s team blows. I just can’t connect with them. The weather team needs SERIOUS work. I can’t remember his name, but the blonde guy is cool and so is weekend guy with the accent. And the morning girl is just HOT as hell.
    The chief?
    How can I say – uh, he’s too g** on the air.
    I know this is out of left field – but where is Robb Hanrahan?

  4. it’s craig setzer and he is awesome.. he should be on more but he is buried on that stupid my33 show. he should be on every morning.

  5. That’s good WFOR is were they belong in the GUTTER. HEy Wfor how did the switch from Jorge Estevez to Jim Berry do for ratings? Looks like to me they still suck. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

  6. I found Setzer to be the most reliable met on the air. He did all the yeoman work for Norcross in the past. He actually looked at radar/imagery/maps and made calls. The rest were doing rip-and-reads from the NHC advisories

  7. Setzer was great and I thought for’s coverage was non alarmist and actually pretty good. Svn was on way too long and their reports were boring and repetative. For said this was going to be wind and rain and it was.. the morning shows were even entertaining and kind of fun at times.

  8. Maggie Rodriguez on the CBS evening news.
    I love me some Maggie.
    Just finished watchin her fill in for Katie Couric.

  9. Hmm, Harry Smith filled in for Katie on Monday (or was it Tuesday?) Maybe the Early Show anchors are taking turns. Maybe Julie Chen this evening? 🙂

  10. No, It was Maggie Rodriguez again.

  11. Drat! I forgot to watch! 🙁 Oh well, I’ll have to catch her on the Early show during my 2-week vacation in October.


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