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A Guide to Contacting SFLTV


You’d have to be blind to not realize there’s a ton of ways you can contact the SFLTV.com. Here’s a quick guide to all the madness, as a refresher course.

First, lets review the methods (and new methods) of contacting us:

Basically, you no longer have an excuse! Here’s how everything works.

Twitter: On Twitter, you can follow us and get a sneak peak at stories we’re working on, and get a very small glimpse into our “private” off-site life. Follow SFLTV.com’s main feed here. You can also follow me (Alex) here, the bossman himself, “Admin,” here… and our new team member, ‘SFLTVLibrarian,’ here.

Facebook: You can become our friend and fan! Just search “SFLTV.com” to become a fan, or click here to become our friend.

Mail Contact: Click here to send us an e-mail. Your e-mail will be sent to both Alex and ‘admin.’ Note: This is the fastest and easiest way to contact SFLTV. Please always use e-mail for interview requests, story follow-up, and legal inquires.

Phone VoiceMail: Got a hot tip and you’re not near a computer? Give us a call… anonymously! Please see the sidebar to the right for the phone number that fits your living region. We have phone numbers for Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach. Please review our disclaimer regarding our phone calling system. Please note: SFLTV has methods of obtaining phone numbers in the event legal action is required.

Text: Who actually uses their phones for phone calls now-a-days? Now you can text us anonymously too! Send your text to 954-66-SFLTV.

Meebo/AIM: In addition to the above, you can always Instant Message us via the sidebar on the right. There are two Meebo IM boxes: one for “Admin” and one for myself. You can also put us on your AIM Buddy List by adding AlexSFLTV or SFLTVBlog.

In summery, there’s a whole lot of ways for you to get in touch with us… and we encourage it!

We recommend:

Add us as a contact in your phonebook for when you see breaking TV NEWS!

We look forward to speaking with you!

SFLTV.com FunFact: Did you know there are actually 4 people that contribute to SFLTV.com?


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