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Charles Perez Bumped to Weekends

Photo Via: WPLG-TV
Photo Via: WPLG-TV

According to an article that appeared in today’s Miami Herald, WPLG anchor Charles Perez has been bumped from weekdays to weekends. According to the article, station officials say that the move by Perez was driven by economics, and not by performance. Mr. Perez told the Herald that he feels as if this was a flat-out demotion, and scoffs at the notion that his reassignment is budget-related. “They’re not saving any money by putting me in the field,” he says. They’re still paying me my full salary, and will continue to, until the end of my contract. I will be a very well paid weekend anchor and street reporter.” Perez brings up a good point, which begs the question of if his “personal issues”  that occurred last April have anything to do with the demotion. Apparently, he feels the same way, as he’s hired employment lawyer Melanie Damian. He says:

“The station began to lower my profile at approximately the same time [the personal issues started]”

It does seem rather suspicious. The full article is available here. After the jump, take the poll about what you think. Was Charles Perez’s move due to a financial issue, or something more sinister?




  1. How much news was made of that domestic incident? I always say this Rick Sanchez killed a man & was still a top anchor in this city. If Perez was remotely that good that incident would be a speed bump in his career. I think he’s good but obviously local 10 doesn’t.

  2. Wasn’t Walter Cronkite bumped briefly (1962?) early on when he had trouble with Huntley-Brinkley, & then came back to become a legend?

  3. I guess it’s ok to be driving drunk and run over a guy but it’s not ok to have a domestic dispute with your partner that becomes public and gets into the newspaper. Also, the Sun-Sentinel today said that it was alleged that he said some not-so-nice things about Laurie Jennings at the time.

  4. You are right about Cronkite, but that was more than thirty years ago. I think they are going to replace him with someone else. Any ideas??? There were rumors that Conable from WTVJ was speaking to management at WPLG right after he was let go from NBC. But, now that I hear he has his own company, maybe he isn’t coming back to TV

  5. WPLG is a JOKE

    SO now we get Laurie SOLO and her Makeup bag to anchor the news. I know my docotr is gonna hate me cause I won’t be needing my sleeping pills I can just watch Laurie and her make up bag to go to sleep.LOL
    I mean isn’t WPLG top rate and if so why are they so called having to have so much cutbacks??????? I mean come on put Laurie on the weekends and her make up bag.

    • D, maybe Laurie can loan that makeup bag to Belkys – she certainly could use one.

      As for WPLG in general, you’ve got to admit that the HD field shots are ultra-cool. Now that Charles is heading down the chutes, I think they need to bring in Janine as an anchor along with Laurie. That would be awesome.

      Speak to that, Mami! 😉

  6. Time to admit to it–WFOR has Shannon and Erika. EIther one of them paired with Eliot Rodriguez and NOT Mora and this station gets back to first. Eliot, whatever his faults off-camera, is way better and comes across as more knowledgeable than Mora, and the chemistry with him seems less forced too.

    • Chuck, I don’t know what you mean…Eliot doesn’t have any “faults off-camera”, seriously, he is a class act and everyone in the newsroom respects him. Get your facts straight, he’s one of the good guys.

      • Lola, I heard a couple of things, nothing major. Sometimes someone complains about their coffee and gets branded a diva, y’know? On camera, which is really all that matters, Eliot has always been polished and sounds like he knows his stuff–something in short supply here. If I had to compare him to anyone-I can remember how Ann Bishop was pushed back several times at 10, until the light went on in someone’s head and they finally realized how damn good she was. FOR keeps shuffling others in and not one has surpassed Eliot. And I think Shannon and Erika are both vastly underrated. In my good, Eliot is one of the good guys, indeed.

    • Calvin next to Laurie??? I gave up watching 10 in the a.m., because even with strong coffee Calvin and Krist were putting me back to sleep.. YAWM

  7. talking to joan was a death sentence for charles. why bash the boss and the station? charles was and is a second string anchor. all their male anchors are soft. tongen is terrible, hughes is a puppy, rob doesn’t know the market an is simply a pretty face no one trusts. just wait, i hear there are nore big chages to come. wplg will soon be going all one man band. wfor will be dropping news, wtvj is a mess. sad to say, but 7 might just be the only game in town soon.

  8. Mr Perez is a nice field reporter but not anchor material. Ms Stanwood is the best talent Ch 10 has. She would make a great anchor…as a solo. Needs no co-anchor. The TV talent in this market is terrible…at all stations.

  9. YESSSS 7 news only game in town sounds like music to my EARS

    Belkys is FLAWLESS and needs no make tips from that CLOWN Face called Laurie Jennings LOL

    HOW you DOIN

    Say it like you MEAN IT


  10. It was very stupid for Charles to talk to Joan while he is still working at the station. That will not help his situation.

  11. I think CHAZ is nuts.. he should have waited till attorney advised him. No ch10 is going to retaliate and make his life hell, changing his shifts.. hurriane duty all nite long,

    he should have waited for ch10s gurard to be down, then strike with the attorney team.

    no what?

    7 News needs to spend a little more money to make the cams all around true HD and knock plg off the map!

  12. If they ever surveyed the education level of the viewers, i’m betting everything that ch7 viewers will have the lowest education level. Ch 7 needs all those fancy graphics for those uneducated viewers. When was the last time ch7 recieved a journalism award ? If it bleeds it leads, thats ch 7 ! I aggree Elliot is a better anchor then Mora. I believe the only reason Mora is here is that he has a hefty contract with CBS and they had to put him somewhere. Once his contract is over, he will be gone. I still feel if they put Bob Mayer with Julia at 6 pm their ratings would be up within 90 days.

  13. Watch those ch 7 headlines….Danger in Davie, Murder in Miami, Drowning in Dade, Economic Emergency….They have to have matching letters with all their headlines. Keeping it simple for “Simple Minds”.

  14. Charles Perez can always go back to his former job “The Charlie Perez Show”…..this time he can make it a gay , Jerry Springer show…..it might work…lol

  15. Look at Charles’ history…fired/let go from every job he has had in TV. that tells you something about his ability and his lack of political sense behind the scenes. His comments to Joan will make his exit earlier than planned. It will be impossible for him to prove they demoted him due to his issues detailed in the media with a former partner, especially when 10 can show that revenues are down 30% on the advertising side. That whole “hired an attorney” tact was as ill advised as taking the other shots at the station. He allowed emotions to get in the way and it will cost him in the job search as well.

    Let’s get real on all this “who should anchor” now etc. Here’s the real issue. WPLG is no longer focused on news or sports, period. They will buy more produced product and spend less and less on their local news product. Look at all the talent that is gone, look how their staff is shrinking, look at their single sports guy approach. Solo anchoring will become the norm and that is not because of Charles, it’s because they don’t want to spend the money. Add up all the salaries they have cut in two years, subtract the meager salaries they are paying their inexperienced replacements and the numbers will blow your mind. If I were Kristi I would start looking at new careers…she will be next in the crosshairs. The morning show is not pulling the numbers to keep them paying her.

    Sad times for local news. TVJ’s issues have been well documented here, WFOR is not far behind, and to call WSVN the gold standard, that is the saddest truth of it all. (That is not a shot at my friends who work there, it is just a sad state of affairs)

  16. All the news down here is terrible, especially Channel 7, which is the worst newscast I’ve ever seen. I can’t get thru 3 minutes of that train wreck, and HD is not kind to Belkys the Neck

    I would like to be the guy that sells Channel 7 reporters spray tans and teeth whiteners.

    Only CBS4 is even remotely watchable

  17. things are really bad when you have to make it point to say to a reporter that you don’t question the fact that you are male.

  18. LOL Jimbo

    Don’t even get started on BELKYS

    Belky’s serves it up everyday

    as for CBS4 LOL LOL LOL LOL are they still producing news on that local MIAMI station??????

    7NEWS rocks




  19. Calvin Hughes moved to anchor with Laurie and her make up bag


    Get out here

    Calvin shouldn’t even be allowed to do high school news that is a man who has no charisma and when he tries you can tell its FAKE

    Calvin should be given his pink slip


    • D, is your keyboard stuck? 😉

      Hey, I just had a thought – give Belkys some black lipstick. Bet that would go great with her goth thing.

  20. Bob Mayer has been grooming himself to replace Ralph Renick in the 6 o’clock anchor chair at WTVJ since 1969. It’s about time somebody gave him a shot.

  21. Bob Mayer will never anchor the 6 pm news, I’m sad to say. They bring in younger and cheaper talent for that. I hear, Bob has about a year left on his contract. Do you really think WTVJ will renew a contract of a 40 yr employee when they can hire someone to do his job for about 75% less then they are paying him?

  22. My Prediction….WPLG will end up just like WTVJ, they are laying off so many and replacing them with subpar talent, just wait.

  23. Mitchy

    belkys is serving up face , body , attitude and her warm sense of humor

    stop hating the true Diva of south Florida news right now



    I could actually see Laurie waiting table at The Waffle House. Laurie would be the worst waitress ever in between putting on her make up in the dirty bathroom she would be to busy gossiping in the kitchen with the cooks who barely speak english. Laurie your order is up. Laurie your nose is blinding the customers. Laurie can you stop runing your mouth.



  24. not surprised about Perez… putting him back on weekends and reporting is just an interim step to push him out the door. I really was not much of a fan of his anyway – incident or no incident. His delivery is soooo dead!

    I do have to agree on the comments re: Shannon Hori and Erika Von Tiehl. They are both quite good… and I think both Mora and Elliott Rodriguez do well too. Reading these posts makes me think I need to start watching 4 more often instead of 6.

    Speaking of 6, I am curious to see what the evening ratings will be like with Jackie and Julia anchoring all three newscasts. They’re obviously not willing to make big moves because they’re trying to save money and because they’ve had so many layoffs. I happen to think the two of them are doing quite well together.

    Also – has anyone noticed how often Bob Mayer is on vacation? I think his retirement within a year is almost inevitable. My guess is they have Trina and Pam anchor Today in South Florida (there’s really no one else left!)

  25. Well the whole NBC6 morning team has been on vacation one after the other lately.

    But about Charles, im glad. He’s actually a really good reporter out on the field, as an anchor he was not a good fit, AT ALL. Wether it was about his personal issues or legitimate financial problems, it really is for the best.

    Diego, I actually like Belkys, always defended her but your comments are just ignorant and inflammatory.

    They should team up Laurie with the other pretty face that anchors weekends, he’s pretty impressive, I like him.

    • Julian, that idea for Laurie and Rob Schmitt makes all kinds of sense. If Belkys is your taste that’s fine. She certainly isn’t mine, but thank you for correcting Diego. He and GB have been a drag on this site for awhile. Mitch, unfortunately you are right about Bob Mayer. I suspect he is content at this point. As to the bargain basements at PLG and TVJ, again I say, let’s have a telethon for these poor stupid basterds who whine that they can’t make money in local TV. I think Boylan is just Bud Paxson in drag.

  26. Maybe WPLG should try CHarles and Kristi in the mornings and move Calvin to the weekends.

    However even btter put Calvin in the field.

  27. Just think about all the time and money spent on those schmaltzy, formulaic promos about Charles Perez when he first got there, grooming him to be the next Dwight.

  28. They should fire the ignorant at PLG for suggesting that Charles was the right choice to replace Dwight. You could the guy is totally fake (though the others can hide it easier). He never had the credentials to fill in that post.

    As for the Belkys character, very tasteless; she’s more TMZ material though SVN fits that profile, too.

    As for Meyer, sadly looks like he’s on his way out the door and is simply using up his time off. I would hate to see him go.

    The Laurie and Rob Schmitt scenario makes a lot of sense. I actually enjoy watching him on weekends than Charles.

  29. Diego, I’ve run into Belky on Las Olas, trust me …she is not good looking. She’s very mousy looking. When I saw her, she was in Mangos standing up againest the wall in the back of the club, all alone. I’m betting thats where she spent her evening. Belky faces the same fate of Sally Fitz if she ever leaves. Sally was never offered another anchor job and had to work as a field reporter. Diego, I’m still waiting for you to tell me of any journalism awards that ch 7 has recieved in the last 5 years. Hell, even WTVJ has recieved awards and thats not saying much !

  30. Mitch,

    I have no idea how many awards WSVN, WESH, WPLG or ABC in New york has much less could I care. I am sure it is the same for the all of the rest of the viewing audience.I mean HellllllllllloOooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sure if Belkys was at the club she was roping the men and the women in left and right. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH the sickness in this all this is just amazing me me how funny this is.

  31. I care about getting the news. I could care less if it was flashy, bloody, tabloidy over the top just as long as they give me the news happening in my backyard. I am sure most of America is the same way when it comes to this.

    • Anyone who cares about accuracy doesn’t watch 7. Anyone who cares about news doesn’t give a damn how many people they can pick up on South Beach (either gender). Diego, you speak for no one but yourself. Go back to Mommy’s couch and let the grownups talk.

  32. Diego…..If you cared about getting the news, you wouldn’t be watching ch 7 !!!! You just like their graphics and breaking news stories every 3 minutes.

  33. YEAH RIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am always right and even when I am not I still win even with my boyfriend. LOL

    Nothing like a anrgy Puerto Rican LOL

    He to knows when to pick and choose his battles with me

    However 95% of the time I WIN

    • Ok….

      If you’re right, then why is WSVN losing half of it’s viewership when the Local People Meters arrive in the area?

      Is it because that people are fed up with 7’s style?
      Besides you like style, we like substance. Most of the posters over here have about 10-25+ years of experience in the television news industry we have about 0 years but know each station’s taste like they know themselves. But going back, look Diego you like 7News, that’s fine by me. But as a str8 Christian, NO ONE GIVES A HOOT about your friend Belkys. Sure, she has flair, but facts and credibility is beyond flair.

      Bottom line, we’re fed up. Like you I’m a viewer, but even when CBS 4 can be stuck in “Anchorman”-mode, they know their stuff.

      Why don’t everyone take a chill pill and turn off your tv’s for a change.

        • Ok, so maybe turning off your TVs won’t do anyone (including advertisers justice). But I can certainly agree that aside from Diego, south florida demands REAL news from REAL anchors. Not from blowup dolls and pretty boys. And pixie fairies.

  34. Diego…..Just about everyone here strongly disagrees with you. Which leaves only one conclusion . Diego, you a legend in “your own mind”.

  35. Mitch that’s all that matters I am a LEGEND in my mind and my BOYFRIENDS

    YM thats fine everything in tv is losing VIOWERS not just 7news not just CSI EVERYTHING MY DEAR.

    WE ALL LIKE WHO WE LIKE WETHER IT BE BECAUSE THEY ARE FUNNY OR JUST GREAT AT THERE JOBS. However we are each allowed to are views of who is best. However in the end I am gonna continue to CHEER 7NEWS and BELKYS. Ym and anyone else can praise WPLG, WTVJ and WFOR. Thats your god given choice just like mine is to cheer for Belkys. I will continue to voice my outrageous views and crazy ideas and sense of humor. I mean that is what makes me special and different from everyone else on here.


  36. Diego, Its a matter of taste and education and by your posts you show your level of both, to everyone else who is posting here. Pink or purple. what is your favorite color ? You know what they say, we built this country, but you decorated it !

  37. WETHER….I never saw it spelled that way, Diego. Hmmmmmmmmm Weaver the Wetherman…..nope, it doesn’t work that way either……Yup, you are a ch 7 viewer, no question about it.

  38. Mitch this is a blog site. I am not and I refuse to type perfect. I refuse to type like I am back in college. I am here to have fun and post that’s it.

    thanks Mitch


    That is my favorite color.

  39. I think Belkys should switch to black lipstick, to accentuate her gap-toothed grin. I guess Diego can’t type with his mouth full.

  40. Mitch you are finally starting to be FUNNY.

    I loves it.

    Yes what did I have in it CHUCKIE ?????????
    NO I think you might wanna know. LOL LOL

  41. Mitch,

    Of Course he was over 18. I think he was 30 years old with 2 kids.


    HOW YOU DOIN !!!!!

  42. I am really GAY.

    Thanks Chuckie and Mitch I feel the LOVE from u 2 guys.

    Mr Feirstein please

    I wouldn’t date that man to save my life.

    I have something 10 times BETTER in my life.

    HOW YOU DOIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. I own them all DOLL

    Why you need to borrow a few for the show you gonna be performing at MS GOOD TWIST on South BEACH ??????



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