WPTV’s Tim Malloy Leaving

WPTV’s Tim Malloy Leaving


Page2Live reporting WPTV anchor Tim Malloy is leaving the station after 18 years for a teaching job at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut. There he’ll teach journalism with emphasis on war zone work! Malloy has been to 25 countries and was embedded with US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

What’s more surprising though is that Malloy says he will be gone from the station within the month! His anchor partner Chandra Bill is leaving WPTV and the news business sometime this month as well.

Malloy told Jose Lambiet he thinks local newscasts will move to the internet and will be no more than 30 seconds.

A lot of long timers are abandoning the WPTV ship!

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  1. Tim Malloy is a great journalist. His delivery is kind of rushed but that’s just his style. A lot of long timers ARE going. Jim Sackett is only going to be around one more year. The station has lost or is losing all of its best people. They still have the excellent Shannon Cake but who knows how long she’ll stay?
    And when will they get a new set? The one they have is so 1990s.

  2. Also I don’t believe Tim Malloy has been with WPTV for 18 years. He’s probably been in the area for that long as he used to anchor at WPEC. I think he joined WPTV in the early 2000s.

  3. it seen like everybody leaving wptv including eric glasser nichelle king and paige kornblue according to flnewscenter.com eric glasser heading to tampa;s wstp