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WSVN to Outraged Viewer: We Can’t Legally Stop Graphic Abortion Ads

WSVN 7News

Late last week SFLTV received about a dozen voicemails and emails from local viewers (some confused thinking we’re a TV station) outraged about a graphic abortion ad airing on South Florida TV stations. The ad features uncensored footage of fetuses and body parts and airs during primetime evening hours. GossipExtra reports an outraged viewer wrote to WSVN and received a response from WSVN general manager Bob Leider who told him the station can’t legally stop the ad which aired during prime time and has aired on every other news outlet in town as well. According to Leider, it would be illegal for a TV station to refuse to air or edit a political candidate’s advertisement.


  1. What about when prime/drive is full and they can’t run an ad due to time…is that then illegal? Or do they just continue to stuff advertising in until there is no programming left in fear of joining Kamal?

  2. Broadcasting & Cable and DCRTV are reporting a similar story about Gannett-owned DC CBS affiliate WUSA. FCC ordering WUSA to air a graphic political ad from a presidential candidate on the ballot in West Virgina. The ad has reportedly been seen on Hagerstown NBC affiliate WHAG.


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