Julie Durda Set For a Good Morning America Debut

Julie Durda, WPLG Local 10 meteorologist

Julie Durda Photo: Local10.com

Julie Durda will be forecasting the weather this weekend for Good Morning America. She’s was on Miami’s sports talk radio ‘The Ticket’ this morning to talk about it.

Not entirely surprising or unsual. Scott Padgett was on GMA several times, and rumor has it WPLG allegedly used the opportunity to be on Good Morning America and the national exposure it affords, as one of the selling points to get Julie on their team.

You can see Julie Durda live on GMA this weekend


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    • Julie is a skank who can’t even figure out how to work the mechanism across the top of the weather screen. AND she rocks forward and backward. She is the least qualified meteorologist on television. But she has the biggest titties.

  1. Back in the day, Megan Glaros made one or two appearances on weekend GMA as well when she was at WPLG.

    • sportsfreak on

      Surprise surprise. Another former cheerleader at channel 10 where bodys
      out weigh brains. Megan is loved in Chi town.

      • and what a body it is!!!!!! maybe Julie can wear what she did during her maxim shoot…..Something about water and Julie……..whats next a playboy shoot.but it’ll be classy of course….lol

  2. Julie pulled her seat around the edge of the desk so her legs would show while they were seated. Amateur, ambitious, asinine…that’s Julie Dirty.

    • a slut is a slut is a slut is a slut……..cant wait for the summer outfits……….go julie………..

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