Belkys Nerey


Some photos from the 2013 Suncoast Emmy awards, courtesy the Suncoast Chapter Flickr feed

WPLG meteorologist Trent Aric all smiles with his gold

WTVJ reporter Roxanne Vargas with husband:

WPLG meteorologist Trent Aric with WPLG weather producer Aliana Perez

L to R: WFOR CBS4 anchor/reporter Marybel Rodriguez

WSVN anchor Belkys Nerey took her fierce mom as a date to the Emmys:

WSVN anchors Mike Marza and Craig Stevens

L to R: WPLG reporter Ben Kenney, with we think Amanda Stanley and Matthew Fuhrman

L to R: WPTV investigative reporter Shannon Cake

All smiles with their gold – WPLG weather producer Aliana Perez with WPLG meteorologist Trent Aric

L to R: WPTV GM Steve Wasserman, WPTV news director Mike Garber, WPTV station manager Lloyd Bucher

WFOR investigative reporter Michelle Gillen, with former WFOR reporter Gio Benitez now reporting at ABC News

WPLG reporter Ben Kennedy

WFOR reporter David Sutta

Former WFOR reporter/anchor Jorge Estevez horsing around with his lady. He’s now at WFTV in Orlando.


The annual ‘Best of Miami’ by The Miami New Times is out, and this year, like every year, among the categories were picks for best local media personality in three categories.

Jackie+NespralIn the ‘Best TV News Anchor‘ category the Miami New Times chose WTVJ NBC anchor Jackie Nespral, noting her longevity at the station (and the market really) and quipping “We all know what the J in WTVJ really stands for”.

The ‘Best Meteorologist‘ title went to WFOR CBS4 meteorologist LissetteGonzalezLissette Gonzalez, for her charismatic personality and “simple yet through manner” in which she delivers the forecast.

The Times picked WSVN reporter Rosh Lowe as ‘Best TV News Reporter‘, noting his ability to find RoshLowe.reporter_V34_largea crooked cop is in trouble a week before the DA makes it public. And for his dramatic reports, noting ” no TV news journalist working the street beat seems as deeply in touch with mortality as Lowe”

Of course, Miami New Times readers also had a say. In an online vote they picked WSVN anchor Belkys Nerey as Best TV News Anchor.

The Broward/Palm Beach edition of the Times also had its own Best Of for those counties.

BelkysNerey.V36In that edition Belkys Nerey won the ‘Best TV News Anchor‘ for her personality, which according to the Times is “the antithesis of frosty and fake”. And for being “[…] probably the only member of the local anchorati you could approach in public without getting your face chewed off.”

And last but definitely not least, the Times named WFOR CBS 4 reporter brian-andrews-web-headshotBrian AndrewsBest TV News Reporter‘ for his fresh style, charisma and insider knowledge of the region noting also the quality of his reporting.


Miami New Times Best Of

[Best TV News Anchor] Jackie Nespral

[Best Meteorologist] Lissette Gonzalez

[Best TV News Reporter] Rosh Lowe

Broward/Palm Beach New Times Best Of

[Best TV News Anchor] Belkys Nerey

[Best TV News Reporter] Brian Andrews




Something you don’t see often. The four leading ladies of news joined together for a good cause at the ‘Wine, Women and Shoes’ event supporting the Miami Children’s Hospital Foundation. WFOR anchor Shannon Hori was mistress of ceremonies and the event raised almost $450,000. WFOR was one of the media sponsors of the event

Laurie Jennings, Belkys Nerey, Shannon Hori, Jackie Nespral



It’s 2:13am and Belkys Nerey, Craig Stevens and Patrick Frazier along with Blake Burman have been on the air for 7 hours straight for election night coverage. Mike Marza who was at Romney camp in Boston signed off a bit earlier. WSVN are the only TV station in town not airing a network feed

Update: They signed off at 2:30am