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Another week another round of voting for SunSentinel’s South Florida Celebrity Smackdown to find out who newsrooms readers think is South Florida’s biggest media celeb.

Still left standing are:

Shannon Hori/Antonio Mora WFOR vs Lynn Martinez/Louis Aguirre WSVN
Pam Giganti/Bob Mayer WTVJ vs Joe Rose (!) WTVJ
Paul & YoungRon vs Jimmy Cefalo WIOD (formerly WPLG sports director)
Michael Yo vs Ryan Lieber WPTV

You have until Monday August 3rd to vote for your favorites

Who got canned in round 2? Jump and have a look


CelebritySmackdownBracketThe Sun Sentinel South Florida Celebrity smackdown, pitting television anchors against radio hosts, has entered round two.

After newsroom employees SunSentinel.com visitors weeded out most contestants in round two, now they have to decide who moves on to round 3 which begins next Wednesday, July 29th.

Competing in Round 2 are:

Jimmy Cefalo WIOD vs Susan Wise 101.5FM
Claudia Shea/Ric Blackwell WFLX vs Joe Rose WTVJ/WQAM
Will Manso WPLG vs Ryan Lieber WPTV
Laurie Jennings/Charles Perez WPLG vs Shannon Hori/Antonio Mora WFOR
Kelly Dunn/Jim Sacket WPTV vs Lynn Martinez Louis Aguirre WSVN
Diana Diaz/Christine Cruz WSVN vs Pam Giganti/Bob Mayer WTVJ

After jump, who among the TV personalities got canned in round 1?