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Kevin Ozebek Newsplex

WSVN reporter Kevin Ozebek is usually seen on afternoons and evenings, he also gets to play on the anchor desk from time to time when one of the anchors has the day off. Last weekend Kevin got to substitute for Jeff Lennox on Saturday morning, which meant he had to wake up at some ungodly hour and try to keep himself awake for the next several hours of Today in Florida. Before the show he posted this video on Facebook showing viewers how he stays awake and alert during the newscasts, and naturally it involves a big dose of caffeine.

For those of you keeping score, that’s over 300mg of caffeine


Before he was Don Draper, Mad Men star Jon Hamm was a 25-year-old waiter on a cheesy dating show called The Big Date offering ladies a “night of fabulosity”. Hamm got rejected by Mary and Shonia who went for the stunt man and a boy-band bleached blond finance major guy.


What could possibly happen if you interview drunkies on South Beach five minutes before midnight on December 31st? Fox News reporter found that out when he asked a woman to say something to the nation. She did:

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From Saturday’s SNL, spoofing a news promo for a fictional Miami morning newscast. You know that probably happens in real life at some stations :)

And in case you’re wondering, the picture SNL used is of KMGH 7News studios in Denver. h/t @BlaineStewart

Forida’s Bummer Bunny Contest… lol, that has to exist somewhere in Northern Florida