WPLG Police Chase

This video arrived in our inbox yesterday, it’s from the August 26 police chase in Miami.

The stations that share Sky10 had a rough time covering the chase because the chopper arrived plagued by technical difficulties which meant WPLG, WTVJ, and WFOR, (WLTV didn’t break in) had the same
freezing, stuttering video which eventually disappeared. That left WSVN as the only station able to follow the car. Sources from different stations told us “we just watched WSVN and listened to Ralph Rayburn for details”. And that was really evident on Channel 10, during the coverage Jacey Birch gave a live play by play, clearly stating at one point that they don’t have Sky10 available as she looked at monitors nearby! Oops?

Speaking of Channel 10, they had a really rough time covering the chase. It felt like it was really chaotic behind the scenes for some reason. The whole time they were on the air there was constant noise and chirping from the radios in the newsroom which Jacey Birch’s mic picked up, it m made it difficult to follow what anchors Constance Jones and Erik Yutzy were saying. On top of that, the station stayed a little too long on a close up footage of the dead victim covered by yellow tarp which the wind eventually blew to uncover a slouched man in his wheelchair.

WFOR had Eliott Rodriguez cover the story who, given the circumstances, kept it together well for almost 15 minutes

WFOR CBS Miami video:

WSVN video:


WPEC CBS 12 reporter Josh Repp was doing a story on Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission’s python permitting program which trains applicants how to capture Burmese pythons in a bag. And what better way to illustrate to viewers how it’s done than to stick one of the slithery into a bag yourself, right? Well as you might imagine the python wasn’t about to go gracefully into the bag just because the TV camera was on.


Last night during WorldCup coverage, WPLG sports reporter Clay Ferraro was live on the air surrounded by a rowdy crowd of people when this happened:

Yep, this guy yelled fuck her right in the pussy and without a bleep.

Turns out his choice of words wasn’t random.

Fuck her right in the pussy is an internet meme that started with a fake news video by some supposed film maker from Ohio. The video somewhat convincingly fakes a live shot in which a reporter can be seen being unaware he’s live on the air while talking about about a missing woman and how he’d like to fuck her right in the pussy when she’s found.

Kevin Ozebek Newsplex

WSVN reporter Kevin Ozebek is usually seen on afternoons and evenings, he also gets to play on the anchor desk from time to time when one of the anchors has the day off. Last weekend Kevin got to substitute for Jeff Lennox on Saturday morning, which meant he had to wake up at some ungodly hour and try to keep himself awake for the next several hours of Today in Florida. Before the show he posted this video on Facebook showing viewers how he stays awake and alert during the newscasts, and naturally it involves a big dose of caffeine.

For those of you keeping score, that’s over 300mg of caffeine


WJAR anchor Alison Bologna had Youtube moment that didn’t slip by a DVR empowered viewer. While reading a story about an overturned fire truck Bologna botched saying fire truck…