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CWSFL Rebrands Self to Just SFL


CWSFL is now the new “SFL”. Check out their new website design. Looks nice, but i have yet to see an on air logo with with new “SFL” design. Check out the new site here.

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  1. Yeah, Tribune has been pulling CW branding from a handful of their stations due to a corporate move: they want to “de-emphasize the references of the ‘CW’ branding for their CW affiliates” (according to SFL’s wiki article). The new branding is apparently supposed to tie the station in with the Sun-Sentinel, as both stations use basically the same logo now.

  2. Yeah I don’t understand why they would pull away from the CW.
    So they are still a CW affiliate just dropping the name?

  3. From what i understand, they are still a CW affiliate, but are just re-branding. Much like “Local 10” is still an ABC affiliate.

  4. 2001 called and they want their design back

    that logo is meh.
    if that redesign is any indication whatever debuts on the station in January wont be anything to write home about

  5. Note the S on a red field. That is the same logo Trib started using last week on the Sun-Sentinel. Synergy indeed.

  6. In case you haven’t noticed by now
    Sun-Sentinel = Tribune newspaper
    WSFL = Tribune O&O

    No coincidence how the logo ended up.

  7. SFL is the best deodorant I ever used, it makes……

    wait, that’s a logo for a tv station. Good thing the lower third bug isn’t really huge.

    bad attempt to copy WGN super station old look, good thing no one remembers it….

  8. I’ve noticed the branding change with a few other Tribune-owned CW stations… Hmmm.

    Other than WSFL… KDAF Dallas-Ft. Worth, WDCW DC, KIAH Houston (formerly KHCW), KWGN Denver, WTTV Indianapolis, and WTXX Hartford-New Haven have changed brandings, dropping the “CW” branding. WNOL New Orleans has yet to fully phase out the “CW 38” branding, for the newer “NOLA 38” branding. KSWB San Diego dumping CW affiliation, for FOX affiliation. WPIX New York, KRCW Portland, and KPLR St. Louis also have yet to re-brand their stations.


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