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Dan Gelber’s letter to the FCC


Rep. Dan Gelber, of Miami is on WTVJ’s side! He recently posted on his blog, a copy of the letter he wrote to the FCC, regarding the NBC6/PostNewsweek buy. You can read the full letter, here.


“Today, I forwarded my concerns to the FCC regarding the proposed purchase by WPLG Channel 10 of their rival WTVJ-NBC 6. While I appreciate that Florida’s tanking economy can impact all businesses –including media – the public’s interest in a vital and diverse press must be taken into account. As newspapers downsize, and television stations merge, the losers will be our citizens who will be shortchanged the critical information that informs and empowers them. Jefferson was right, “Information is the currency of Democracy.”

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  1. while i’m glad to see politicians taking an interest in stopping this fiasco, i wish people would stop saying that wplg is purchasing wtvj. post newsweek is purchasing wtvj, and they happen to also own wplg. this irks me almost as much as the comments about all the wtvj people getting fired. pn has a history of keeping the best people for the job. the weaker performers from both stations should be concerned.


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