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NBC6 is number one?!


Indeed they are… this week. NBC6 has been number one throughout the week with ratings between 15 and 26, thanks to the Olympics. On Friday night, NBC6 topped the ratings with a 26.0 rating. Then, at 11, NBC6 earned a 12.4 and beat everyone. The surprising thing is, the NBC6 weekend news did better. While NBC6 news at 11 with Jackie Nespral earned a 12.4 on Friday, and lost half it’s viewers, the weekend crew on Saturday went into the 6PM newscast with a 15.6, and came out with a 13.0. Then at 11, they did even better, starting the newscast off with a 17.0 rating, and coming out with a 15.0. I’m sure the weekend crew is very happy about this. Pat yourself on the back, John, Adam, and Joel. You deserve it.

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  1. Hey, it’s to be expected when you consider that the Olympics are an international event—probably the BIGGEST international event that ever takes place in history. Whether this will affect WTVJ in the long run remains to be seen, but I’m pretty sure that WPTV, who’s already #1 in West Palm, again got a big surge from Beijing.

  2. Pat yourself on the back? Please, the NBC6 crew did nothing. They are still putting out that last place crappy product. It’s all Olympics.

  3. I must disagree, the weekend crew is doing a great job. No one forces you to stay tuned after the Olympics are over. The personalities on the NBC6 weekend news are top notch. Everyone loves Joel, and Adam is young and hip. There is a reason why the weekend crew did better then the weekday crew.

  4. Boy Alex, did you nail it. There is ONE reason why weekends did better than weeknights. Hint: It’s a female “anchor” with no ad-lib skills, the same one which has been a millstone on this news operation since she got here. NBC6 is #1…and their news product will be #2 till she is gone, if you get my drift.

  5. WHAT!!! I Don’t Even Know How To Respond To This Thread, “WHAT” That’s All I Can Say!!!

  6. This could be a one of the dumbest threads ever. Breaking news: the Olympics are bringing big ratings!!! What a shocker!!!!

  7. The bottom line is people are staying tuned to NBC for their newscasts even when the Olympics are over. If the weekends did so well and they held a rating as Alex says, then that means people liked something with the news, whether it be the people or the stories. It’s just nice to see NBC get something nice before they are burned in hell. I know NBC has a different anchor team on the weekends, but I think it;s amazing that they did better than the weeknight show as far as numbers staying tuned. is this right??? Why is the weekend team not anchoring during the week??

  8. That’s the major arguement being made by people at NBC6. They claim NBC is number 3 and Spanish stations should not be considered in ratings. I don;t think they should be included since Spanish speaking people aren’t watching 6 and the people who watch six aren’t watching Spanish stations.

  9. Hey Steve, it doesn’t matter. It’s not a ratings period. That’s where they get the info for the sale. Which by the way, as much as I hate to say it, will go through without a problem.

  10. I would like to bring up this point. What will happen when NBC6 retakes the slot in the top three? Doesn’t that break the FCC law? NBC6 will, one day, take back the top three spot. It’s bound to happen. Maybe not this year… or next… but one year they will. What happens then?

  11. Alex,

    Using jacksonville as an example, nothing will happen — unless PN tries to sell the station. At that point, it may affect who can buy it.

  12. Congrats to the NBC6 photogs, production and editors for finally getting together to vote in a union. Maybe now they will listen to you all. Good luck!

  13. local guy, what the hell are you talking about? there has been zero talk of a union at wtvj. the last one they had there was a miserable failure that lasted about a year. do you really think the employees would do something that stupid at this point, and jeopardize any possibility of them getting large severance packages if they get let go?

  14. Anon, yeah but this time everyone is pulling together,strength in numbers. As for severance, please, they won’t give anyone a severance. Your just a manager trying to scare them. Again, i want to congratulate you guys!

  15. Now, now. You don’t know what he/she is or is not. If “anon” is an NBC manager, good for him. The NBC managers haven’t scared any of the employees yet, even though they’ve tried.. and won’t be able to do it on this blog.

  16. localguy, first of all, I’m not a manager at NBC or anywhere else, I’m simply trying to correct the grossly false information that you are spreading. Who is pulling together? What are they pulling together against? Layoffs? Mass firings? Consolidation of staff? None of that has happened yet. Who is the enemy? Post-Newsweek? Should NBC be forced to keep the station even if they don’t want them? They are already selling them for 60 million less than they paid. Maybe they should be forced to sell them to someone else, someone other than a large broadcasting group. Maybe the Post-Newsweek deal won’t happen and NBC will be forced to sell to some small potatoes company that will split the station up and sell it for parts like a used Toyota Camry. That will be much better. There is something worth pulling together for.

    Now besides your ridiculous “union” statement, you mention no one will be getting a severance. When WTVJ went to control room automation, the very small number of people that were displaced actually were given very generous severances, so there is yet another subject which you apparently know nothing about, but feel the need to speak on anyway.

    And finally, when you say “your just a manager trying to scare them”, I think you mean “you’re”, as in “you’re an illiterate, and if you work in television you’re one of the big reasons the industry is dying.” Understand? Probably not, but don’t feel bad.

    Alex, give me and example of NBC managers trying to scare the employees, I’m dying to hear it. I’m sure they won’t attempt to scare anyone on this blog, because lately it’s hardly ever up. (that’s what she said)

    Rant over, we now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

  17. Nice rant ;). They’ve had lots of talks about people at NBC6 giving us information… They’re not one bit happy about it, to say the least.

  18. Anon, “you are” a dipsh_t….”You Are” not trying to scare people by saying that TVJ will be bought by a small crappy company, so you better not start any union. You Are” a fool if you think that the managers are telling the truth to the employees. Yeah, just like when they said that channel 10 would never by them.
    If the mangers are so nice and care about the employees, why don’t they bring in the GE folks and stop stringing the employees along.
    As for the people that got severances after the automation, I don’t think so…What they got was a whole lot of threats.
    The reason the business is going down the tubes, is because kids like you who just got out of college and think that they know everything. What the business needs are journalist not people who think they are stars because they are on T.V. Obviously you are a nightsider, which means you have been in the business for maybe two years and this is your first job. So shut the _uck up and go google what “Peter Pan Kids” means. Sorry Alex, but people like this who try to cover up the fact that the managers at TVJ where the ones who sunk the ship and now the poor employees are paying the price for their ignorance.

  19. Localguy, i actually agree with a lot of what you said. Lets just all agree to disagree and leave it at that, okay? 🙂

  20. localguy,
    Let’s again break down what an idiot you are, and why.
    The Channel 10 rumor was one of the first that we heard. I never heard a manager deny that or any other rumor, they all just said they hoped it wasn’t true.

    Why don’t the managers bring in the GE folks and stop stringing employees along? What GE folks? Are you talking about HR people to handle severance packages? Is it possible they don’t know how many people they need yet? Why give out packages to people before you know if you can afford to lose them. Isn’t it possible Post-Newsweek might actually NEED some WTVJ people to help with the small transition of moving to a new building, something WTVJ just went through, converting to non-linear editing, something WTVJ has been doing forever, converting to control room automation, something WTVJ has been doing for nearly a year, etc. Why cut loose people you might want to keep?

    Speaking of the conversion to automation, again you are clueless. (I’m detecting a pattern with you). No one was threatened at all, they were all trained, even the few who weren’t kept on. They got invaluable training on new technology that will certainly help them down the road. And they ALL got packages, some even volunteered happily to leave. They took the money and ran.

    Now let’s talk about “kids like me”. If I was a kid, I’d probably suffer from the same diluted education that you obviously have, my posts would be riddled with the misspellings and grammatical errors so common in the postings of today’s myspace generation. LOL.

    Then you say, obviously I’m a “nightsider” which means I’ve been in the business a couple years. Newsflash cretin, the nightside usually has the experienced people. Most stations want their stars on the 11pm show. If you want the inexperienced kids, look to the weekend morning shift. Again you prove your ignorance about this and most other businesses.

    And finally, I never claimed management wasn’t to blame for WTVJ’s problems, and I am one of the “poor employees” you speak of. I am just correcting your many, many mistakes. Like when you say: “What the business needs are journalist not people who think they are stars because they are on T.V.” I think you mean journalistS with an S dummy. It is plural. Didn’t they teach you that at facebook academy?

    Alex, a lot of people read these posts and assume they are true, and that the people posting have some kind of inside info. Localguy is just posting nonsense and I feel the need to clarify the FACTS for anyone else who might read these messages.

  21. Lets just all agree to disagree and leave it at that, okay? 🙂 – and people really shouldn’t be looking at comments for there facts. I’ll have to bring up modifying the disclaimer, if you honestly feel that a large amount of people look at comments as facts. Again, agree to disagree. If you want to debate this more, exchange e-mail’s or something and do it in a private forum… Please.

  22. Anon, oh so now you are a star?(since you are a nightsider) exactly my point…..Don’t worry you won’t get fired since you are so smart and good at grammar…..I wish I knew who you are so I can laugh at you when you coming knocking on the door for a job……Have fun unemployed dumbass!

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