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New NBC6 Promo


The new NBC6 promo with DeMarco in it is out. You can view it, here. It looks good.

(Sorry about the sound quality..)

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  1. I’m not sure what they want me to EXPERIENCE? A crappy newscast with bad reporting of stories that come straight from the Miami Herald? Wow, I can’t wait it watch. Nice looking proms should accompany a nice, intelligent newscast. NBC doesn’t offer that. Trust me – they are not reporting South Florida’s Story – they are reporting what was in the Herald this morning.

  2. Despite the fact that it’s trying to improve the credibility of the station, and a promo isn’t the way to do so, I love the promo! In the words of Belkys Nerey in a Travel Channel special she did, “It’s hot, it’s vibrant, it’s sexy.”

  3. Diego,

    HAHA! Very funny, and I love the attempt you made to write her catch phrase! I’m still laughing… Ciao Ciao… Hehe… (:

  4. Thanks Brandon , I tried to be as cute as u. I guess I need some more work on it.


    As Lynn Mrtinez said the other nite

    Nite Nite


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