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A Fly On The…. Anchor?



Via NBC6:

“During Sunday’s 6 p.m. newscast, Amara Sohn received a personal greeting on-air from an oversized fly. 

The insect decided to land right on the tip of Amara’s nose while she was reading the news.

Amara said she didn’t realize how big the fly was until she saw the video. She said she didn’t swat it away because she was trying to keep her composure.”


Video at the above link.

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  1. hard to imagine that this got a tease and a mention on South Florida Nightly News tonight…

    By the way, love Amara doing the evening news… she’s a very mature anchor with a bright future.

  2. I do like her anchor style, however, and Im not trying to be negative, o hurt anyone’s feelings – but on Saturday Nights newscast she voiced a package about Capt. Scully S. from the NY Plane crash, and it was EXACTLY the same script that was written by NBC’s Chris Jansing. Now I understand that they all share the same footage and info, but at least the people at NBC 6 (not necessarily Amara) should have changed it (at least a little). But instead it was exaclty the same as the story that aired on NBC Nightly News (just with Amara voicing it).

    • this is not uncommon at all

      stations get stories from other affiliates in the country
      many times and run the same packge but a local reporter
      adds their voice track on top.

      AP stories. I can’t count how many times a story on Digg
      that was relatively big and was AP copy ended up on any one
      of the stations almost verbatim.

  3. That’s called a retrack. Every station does it, especialy Channel 7. We retrack so many crap packages from other markets and then we sell it like it happened here, until you see the full story. We assign a reporter to front it and we give the impression to viewers that we are doing some great story. It’s all smoke and mirros courtesy of 7. Diane Fernandez is the queen of retracks and she always acts like she is so into the story and knows so much about it.

    • true that but also not everyone watches Nightly 🙂

      another thing
      I’ve come across companies that pre-package
      feature stories like health reports, money

      The company shoots, edits and writes copy for the story…
      stations buy it and make it their own by adding voice over
      and station reporter and voila … 🙂

  4. But the difference is that 7 News’ audience did not just see the EXACT same package on the Nightly News on the same network. If 7 does that with a package from 7 News in Boston, no one in Miami will know. But you would think that the folks at 6 (knowing the exact same packaged aired just a couple of hours earlier on their network news) would change at least the wording of the script a little bit, to make it sound different.


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