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A New Set For WTVJ?


@tvtams posted this on twitter a few days ago: (Tammy Delgado, EP)

Going to check on the progress of the kitchen set for the show.. cooking segments are going to so much more delicious!”


Working on getting more info by the end of the day.

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  1. YOu are looking into this too much. the Kitchen set is rolled out and require a certain amount of assembly and preparation every day that they use it. That is what he was referring to.

  2. Let’s think about this–how about “Paula Deen with South Florida Tonight Y’all?” Or Bobby Flay with “South Florida Backyards Tonight?” Or Guy Fieri, hosting “Diners, Drive-Ins and Degenerate Politicians?”
    And how many Pulitzers did WTVJ win today?

  3. The cooking set was paid for by Panda Kitchens. In exchange for Panda Kitchens dinating the kitchen set, NBC6 has promised commercial time and a billboard. I also belivee Roxanne Vargas is doing a story with them. Not sure if this is ethical, but I guess WTVJ doesn’t give a %^$#

  4. The new set has been long over-due. The little moveable stove has been broken since God knows when. During live shows, there’s always a “Oops, it’s not heating,” or “why isn’t this turning on?” so, good thing it’s a new set.


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