Home departures Alleged: Jim Berry Set To Leave WFOR?

Alleged: Jim Berry Set To Leave WFOR?


xl15Is Jim Berry set to leave WFOR, CBS4? Rumors have allegedly been flying around the CBS4 newsroom. This is all still very new information, unconfirmed, and alleged. Though we have heard that someone one was working on his demo reel. We’ll keep you updated.

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  1. Interesting news. Wonder who a replacement would be:

    Return of Jorge Estevez to the AM (much to the delight of Cynthia Demos)?
    Juwan Strader?
    Someone from outside?


  2. I say bring back Jorge Estevez to anchor alongside with Cynthia Demos. Their chemistry is amazing and they made the morning show quite entertaining before Jim Berry was moved to AMs.

    Or they can rehire Beatriz Canals or Jade Alexander and make it a duo female anchor desk.

  3. It is time to admit CBS4 screwed up with this guy….it is time to bring back Mr. Estevez, get your act together CBS!!!!!!!

  4. Can they just let Jim do sports? I’m no jock, but the sportscasts in this town reek even worse than the news. Berry was great at sports, and so was Cefalo, for that matter. Joe Rose, on the other hand, is a one-trick pony and needs to be sent to the glue factory.

  5. I agree, sports shows here in Miami suck.
    They always seem to have the wrong people work on them. From producers to talent, they always suck.

    CBS4 has never had there act together, that is the one constant in the universe.

    Move on Jim, you can do better than that place….

    • Ummm… yeah, you’re a moron. I mean seriously, who writes that a show has the wrong producers working for them unless they’re a wannabe who could never a get a job in a sports department in the market? Seriously, think about it. Well… everyone but theDude because it’s pretty obvious that “thinking” doesn’t rank high on his list of attributes. I’ll say it again, but this time as Bugs Bunny… what a maroon.

  6. I have not watched the AM news since he has been on, so it would be a blessing if he would leave. Please bring back Jorge Estevez.
    Cynthia and him make a great duo, I really enjoyed watching them.

  7. GOOD ! It’s about time, he was BORING !!! It would be great to have Jorge Estevez back, he’s my favorite anchor man.

  8. As an employee of a competing station I SAY I HOPE HE IS NOT COMING HERE. WE WANT TO KEEP OUR RATINGS UP! Get somebody that looks like he enjoys being on television.

  9. Having worked with Mr. Berry in the past I am aware of his Diva attitude! The dude needs some Gatorade or some vitamins, he just does not have the energy to carry the show. Although Jorge Estevez has proven to me to be your top repoiter he should be placed back in that chair where he crearly belongs along Ms. Demos.

  10. I hope to see Jorge Estevez as anchor again. He is quite a professional and always brought a smile to my face in the morning. I never understood that change.

  11. I forgot to mentioned this. If you want to keep the best alternative in the morning you need to put back Jorge Estevez, the chemistry that he has with Cynthia Demos is perfect.
    I am very happy to see Jorge like a reporter he is fantastic, but I am sure that CBS News have a winner at 5:00 am News with Jorge . Other choice or alternative is not the solution.

  12. Bring Jorge Estevez back!! I have not watched the AM news on CBS since he left. His smile and positive attitude was a great way to start my day. I’m sure your ratings will improve with his presence.

  13. Steve is just a sad little sports producer you doesn’t know that he will most likely be laid off soon. Your days of loafing around and adding Shaq-tastic to a graphic are coming to an end.


    and wait for the last 10 minutes of the newscast to slap together the segment. People who work in the industry know that this is the truth.

    don’t quote Bugs, you make him look bad

    • Awesome. Classic response. OK, little man… come up with some more witty responses. I’m waaaaaiiiiiting.

      Don’t let the fools who put you down in the workplace get to you. You’re really funny. Good stuff, good stuff.

      Oh, wait. One more thing. Let’s see. You have so much time to come up with this great material so you’re obviously not crashing for a show coming up, so what is it that you do exactly? You know what? On second though, I really don’t give a rats ass and I can’t imagine anyone else does, so keep it to yourself.

      But again… we’re waiting for more funny responses from you. Tick-tock, tick-tock….

      Do you capitalize the word Wannabe?

  14. OK OK OK….enough of the PHONEY poster here that is using different lady names to state that she wants Jorge back… WE GET THE POINT!

  15. Oh Jim, Jim, Jim….you served your time you did not do it well…you are still my sport guy. Good luck in the future.

  16. Give the guy a break, so the guy is not the nicest. He should go to sports again where he has name recognition. He really was out of place here. Hey Jim, get a 9-5! It must suck to wake up at that time man!

  17. Steve,
    “rat a$$” come on man, please keep your physical attributes to yourself.
    This is not a dating blog. Course we all know you could use one. Life at the top of the sports game is a lonely one. You should know, being the #1 sports guy makes you star.

    Your 5 cats are proud of you!

  18. I truly enjoy watching all the news reports done by Jorge Estevez, but I would enjoy it even more if he was to be brought back as the anchor of the AM news.

    • I’m a snowbird from Chicago and was disappointed on my return to Miami to find the team of Cynthia and Jorge ended. And most particularly disappointed to see Jim Berry. He didn’t make it in Chicago and I don’r think he’s making it here. Bring back Jorge.

  19. Some people are born for certain things. This is how I feel about Jorge Esteves. He is spontaneous, smart, witty. It is very visible in him the fact that he loves what he does. I really hope he comes back as anchor.

  20. I am totally in to see Jorge Estevez in the front desk sitting right next to Cynthia, which by the way, I find gorgeous.

  21. I also think that Cynthia is so beautiful and great at what she does. Jorge Estevez makes a wonderful match with her. They accent each other. They both have what it takes to bring in an audience. Hope the choice is right ! Hope it is JORGE ESTEVEZ……

  22. Hey “Joey” those are not phoney female names that have been “created” to offer support for Jorge Estevez’s return to the morning anchor position. They are real women that are huge supporters of Jorge. They are all part of his facebook fan club.

    I am not friends of the “Jorge Estevez fans” but I DO AGREE with them. Jorge belongs on the anchor desk. CBS4/WFOR listen to your former AM viewers and bring Jorge back!!!

    • Hey “TV NEWS JUNKIE” you better OPEN your eyes and start seeing things for WHAT THEY ARE! Its people like you that are EASILY swayed and fooled by believing in everything you see! Thats why this TV NEWS Industry down here sucks. They count on PEOPLE like you! It doesnt take a rocket scientist to see they were all frauds. And for your facebook Theory…. NICE TRY but WRONG! Take care….

  23. Magdalena del Carrillo, Armando Luberta, Frankie Castillo, Magy Melendez, and Magay Luberta… are you aware of what an IP address is? It’s like your online fingerprint. It shows that all of you… are all the same person. I want everyone to be aware that 95 percent of the positive “love” comments are from the same person. Spam this blog again, and i’ll ban your IP address from ever being able to access SFLTV.com again. Kay?

    Oh, and BY THE WAY…. You’re not doing any good for Jorge. In fact, you’re making him seem desperate.

    • My dear Alex there are 6 adults and two children living in my household, (all family members), due to the housing crisis and economy. There is one computer for all. That is the reason why there is only one IP address. I feel we have the individual right to express our feelings for Mr Jorge Estevez. I am sure Mr Estevez is not desperate, he is doing quite well as a reporter. Think before you make a comment. I want to thank God for my family because of them we are able to ride this storm and pull through as best we can in these hard times we are living. Again, we all admire Mr Estevez. He was a wonderful anchor and is a wonderful reporter.

      • 6 family members with all different last names? That was a nice excuse, though. How about this. Tell your “family members” that if the post another pointless comment promoting Estevez, they’ll get the whole “family” banned.

        I’ll also send out confirmation e-mails to all of the e-mails provided (which BTW, look fraudulent).

    • THANKS ALEX…i KNEW something was up with ALL THE LATIN FIRST AND LAST NAMES supporting Jorge…. now my second guess is, this person is a RELATIVE or a stalker of Jorge! Thanks ALEX for proving me right and to TV NEWS JUNKIE, YOU were WRONG bud.

  24. I think this could be a crazy fan, but he/she is right! The morning news has never been the same. The chemistry is not there. I wish Jim the best!

  25. So if we’re going by the 7 news quota they have to get a black guy to replace him… In walks Khambrell Marshall.

  26. God knows there are plenty of issues in our station and all this stuff about Jim is probably more gossip. We have plenty of that going around. About Jorge, I don’t think he wants to wake up so early to go to work. I think he is happy working for the 11.

  27. So when is Jim Berry’s last day? I for one can’t wait I am already getting the party started. I got drinks and snacks.

  28. For all of you wondering where Jim’s next job will be, let’s remember we haven’t heard a peep about Paul Deanno’s resignation for almost three weeks.

  29. Well then it’s obvious. Paul is going to do early mornings at 4, and Jim will be the new chief meteorologist at 6 (they ARE hiring, right?) Ralph Renick must be spinning in his grave, along with Ann Bishop and the greats who came before this sorry mess took hold. I tell you, I am really not old enough to be considered a geezer, but before 1988, when the first big affiliate swap happened…I tell you, they were giants in those days. Except for 7, which has always sucked.

    • haha – I only brought up Paul Deanno to highlight how rumors can sometimes go unsubstantiated… not because Jim would make a transition from sports to news to weather. funny, though!

  30. Magdalena del Carrillo: Nice try!!!!!!

    Next time get a little bit creative perhaps coworkers. But family members?

  31. OH please LLL

    give us all a break.

    If they cant handle him being GAY then they are in trouble. Because last time I looked South Florida was gay central. I think all these so called macho men need to moved back took the woods of North Dakota then. I think why they switched him was because CBS4 thought they could increase there ratings. Have there morning ratings increased? I am pretty sure they haven’t.

  32. Fact is, Jorge Estevez was a lot better at this hour, and his chemistry with Cynthia is undeniable. The Herald did a story about them, and then 4 yanked Jorge from the desk. Sounds like a great way to take advantage of positive publicity. So this straight male, who has no connection to any other poster on this site, casts his vote for Jorge. OK?

  33. Jim has his moments, but you can only take him in doses.
    When he was at WSVN, he was a little over the top.
    Then when he was hired by WFOR, it was a move at the time to take local talent away from the other stations in an attempt to gain an identity.
    The station should have actually moved on once they got Jill Martin, she is the one who made their sports department a success breaking stories!
    So long Jim, you are respected, but your ship has sailed, if you hurry and get on I-95 northbound, you might be able to catch it!

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